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If there is someone who works hard every day to maintain their figure, that is Ninel Count. At 45 years old, the artist looks better than ever, with a very marked body that makes her look incredible.

On a daily basis, the Mexican shares her exercise routines with her followers, as well as eating tips that have helped her maintain her figure. And on that occasion he made it more than clear that his discipline has paid off and the results are for everyone to see.. In the last hours, the actress shared a photo on her social networks that left more than one with her mouth open, where she is seen wearing a tiny bikini by the pool while enjoying a sunny day.

In the photograph, Ninel’s marked abdomen is exposed, which immediately caused a furor among her almost 5 million followers, who reacted to the publication and left her messages. “Upa, those creams and girdles having an effect”, “you look spectacular”, “You are a goddess Ninel”, “You also motivate us”, are some of the messages that are read in the post.

As he usually does, the “Killer Bombón” accompanied his post with a reflection. “Keep in mind that life is a little while, make the most of it. Also that we should be grateful for everything that happens to us, always. And that self-love is the most important of all.” In addition to writing these reminders to her fans, she mentioned that she is very grateful and motivated so far this year.

But it was not the only photograph that the artist gave to her followers in recent days. She also showed her sculptural body with a blue bikini that she accompanied with an open pareo, while posing at the bedroom door with sunglasses that make her look more diva. In this image that comes out of profile, his abs and legs look more defined than ever and precisely about that he wanted to send a message. The Mexican confessed that it is normal to get desperate for not seeing quick results, but I assure you that everything is part of the process and she took advantage of the occasion to promote hot and cold creams.

In just two hours, he managed to get more than 40 thousand likes and endless comments where people showed him their admiration and recognized how incredible he looks. Ninel knows very well how to raise the temperature in the networks, it is enough for him to make a publication so that the attention immediately goes to his account and the netizens run to leave him a fire in his comments.

In fact recently, when asked by one of her followers about when she will open her account onlyfans, Conde announced that very soon, but also showed what could be behind the scenes of what would be his first photos for the platform and wore a red lingerie set.

Previously, the artist had mentioned in a Live that she did, that she did not want her account to onlyfans It was anything, but it will be a fairly produced material. This immediately aroused the interest of netizens who wanted to know more details, and asked him if he will show everything in his photos, how much the subscription would be and the release date. But none of this has been answered yet and the wait continues.

The scandal haunts her

After having a 2021 full of controversy in which his name was involved, Ninel ignored many of the comments against him and continued to give everything in his professional career. And although it seemed that the waters had calmed down, days ago her ex-husband opened the gap again to a scandal.

In a statement to the press, the ex-partner of the “Killer Bombón”, John Medina, He spoke about the book where Ninel is linked to drug trafficking and that has gone around the world and showed his support for the writer and her strong accusations. ”When you talk about this journalist, you have to do it with respect, rarely have I read a book so supported, so documented. Books must be read and must be done carefully; then, otherwise, there is little to say “said about Anabel Hernandez.

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Ninel Conde shows off her marked abdomen with a tiny bikini by the pool – La Vibra