Niurka expressed himself like never before about Juan Osorio: he was his “mentor” but also his “worst enemy”

In 1998, Niurka and Juan Osorio’s paths crossed in Mérida, Yucatán. For five years they were together and became Emilio’s parents.

However, their separation was marked by scandal, mainly due to the romance of the vedette with Bobby Larios and a controversial period full of confrontations and statements where they showed that they ended on very bad terms.

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Fortunately, over the years, their relationship improved and today the star expresses herself respectfully towards the producer. However, that does not prevent me from also making it clear that for a moment her ex-husband was her “worst enemy”.

Niurka was honest about the impact that Juan Osorio had on her life

On several occasions, Niurka has expressed that Juan Osorio was an important factor in the launch of his career.

However, in a recent interview with ‘SNSerio’, the vedette delved a little deeper into what she learned from the telenovela producer.

“When I came into Juan’s life, he was my mentor. Later he became my worst enemy”

In this sense, the protagonist of ‘Aventurera’ explained that Osorio made her discover “the two faces of life”.

“He taught me the bad and then he made me learn the good, with the experiences I had with him”

Together with him, he experienced up close “the anger, the hatred, the impotence, the vulnerability, the anguish, the uncertainty, the fear”. In addition, he experienced an ugly experience when they parted ways.

“The bad thing was that he threw me to the lions when I parted ways with him. When I parted ways with him, he threw all the power from his desk at me.”

However, it also presented him with the “ideal scenario” to develop as an artist and taught him much of his early knowledge of the industry. In addition, he has been a great pillar in the artistic development of his son Emilio.

All this causes Niurka to feel really grateful to her ex-husband and express herself respectfully about him.

“When I talk about Juan, I have to speak with respect, because he taught me the good and the bad”

Niurka revealed the true feelings she experienced with Juan Osorio

In previous interviews, Niurka made it clear that she never felt in love with Juan. However, on this occasion, the star did not deny that she did love him and adored him.

This affection motivated her to protect him, take care of him and shelter him, especially when he was struggling with drugs.

“No, I was not in love. I loved him very much, I adored him, I sheltered him and it was my job to get him out of drugs and thank him every day of my life for putting me in the ideal setting.”

He reiterated that one really does not have to be in love to show affection towards another person.

“Love is something else. You don’t have to be in love to value a human being. Adore him, protect him, love him, shelter him and respect him and admire him. That was the beautiful thing.”

With these statements, Niurka showed that there is gratitude towards her ex-husband, who, despite everything, has an important place in her life.

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Niurka expressed himself like never before about Juan Osorio: he was his “mentor” but also his “worst enemy”