Niurka Marcos confirms that the beginning of her romance with Bobby Larios was “fake”

Bobby Larios declared on December 4 that the start of his relationship with Niurka Marcos it was fakedSince Juan Osorio had accused him on open television in Mexico that he was the lover of his then wife.

Four days after the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’ was broadcast, the Cuban starlet gave her reply in another show by journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante. Although he did not deny that at first it was all a sham, he did deny his ex in several of his statements.

The scandal couple: reality or montage?

Niurka, Bobby and Juan starred in one of the most remembered controversies in Mexican entertainment, in 2003 it was said that the Cuban woman had been unfaithful to the producer during the recordings of the soap opera ‘Velo de novia’. Almost 20 years later, the protagonists of the controversy told what really happened.

Bobby was the first to break the silence and recalled how Juan announced that his wife was supposedly unfaithful to him: “He came out all disheveled in front of the cameras and came out and started talking and saying there that Niurka had a lover and that Bobby Larios was the lover, “he said on the show.” I was (amazed), I’m telling you up front: No! me it had nothing to do with her“.

The Mexican and the Cuban saw the note when they were getting ready in the dressing rooms and when they were stunned, Niurka grabbed him by the hand and asked, “Can you hold on?” and together they decided to face it by pretending that they were a couple, thereby denying what was thought for so many years: that he had been the third in contention in the marriage of the producer and the actress.

For her part, Niurka also gave her version and, although she did not deny what Bobby said, she did make it clear that Juan had reason to be jealousWell, the kisses that were given to the actor in ‘Wedding Veil’ were real.

“Juan and I already had a lot of relationship problems when he hired Bobby for the novel, the romance was not consolidated until I left Juan’s house Obviously, for Bobby, he said you need to resolve that point and that I will never deny, honor to whom honor deserves, “he said in ‘First hand’ this December 8.

“What happens is that we had not had sexual relations, but obviously in the scenes he was my beau, we had kissed, nothing else that everyone noticed, including Juan who we were really kissing, not as actors, that is, the kiss was enjoyed […] Juan was right to be jealous, “he added.


In 2004 the scandal couple came to the altar and for two years they had great work experiences, from reality shows, presentations, shows, among other things.

“From the moment we started living together, things started to go very well for us because we became the scandal couple,” Niurka said.

“We seize such a great force, supported, sheltered, cuddled by the public […] We started to do very well because they defamed us, they screwed us, they attacked us so much that they victimized us and they didn’t know it, “Marcos said.

“Our married life went hand in hand with great success, with a lot of show sales, a calendar, a television program, and they paid us everything, and Juan could not stop it because each of the producers of all the programs always They told him: ‘They are rating and we live by rating’, Juan did not destroy his career, nothing, “he said regarding Larios’ remarks that his career was cut short in Mexico by Osorio’s influences.

Niurka recounted that Bobby became “arrogant” and eventually wore out the relationship.

“We finished because he no longer fit through the door of my house, he came like a peacock with open plumage and when I entered the door I told him: ‘Close your plumage, you are already at home’, He was very arrogant, very haughty, nothing was good, the relationship was beginning to be very dysfunctional. “


Bobby’s bad attitude cut short his career

Niurka denied that Juan Osorio was the culprit that Larios did not have projects in Mexico, because although he tried, the affection of the people for the ‘scandal couple’ filled the places they went and supported the projects in which they participated. The Cuban assured that it was the bad attitude of the actor that caused him to miss the opportunities that were presented to him.

“Each of the opportunities that came to him after he felt like a peacock began to waste them because he felt too chi …, felt that he had nothing to prove“.

“When we released that album in Monterrey he thought he was already Luis Miguel, he felt that he did not have to do anything else and I told him many times you have to continue studying, vocalizing, preparing, growing and he did not pay attention, “he said in ‘First hand’.

The harsh message for Bobby Larios 15 years after his breakup

Frank and direct as she has always been, Niurka Marcos sent a message to Bobby Larios.

“You had many career opportunities studying and preparing next to me […] You didn’t grow up because you were so arrogant and because you thought that not even God deserved you. Juan, Niurka or anyone else could have destroyed your career because you never had a career, you are a lot of actor, cast, that is, you don’t sing, you don’t dance, nothing and what you learned in ‘Solo para mujeres’ was imitating the others, because you don’t have natural talent“, sentenced in the show.

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Niurka Marcos confirms that the beginning of her romance with Bobby Larios was “fake”