No, it’s not love, it’s abuse: let’s talk about Luis de Llano and Edgar Oceransky

Producer Luis de Llano assuredó that “was in love” of Sasha Sokol and, with a spiteful tone, assuredó that she “sent itó to hell”.What he did not emphasizeé is that, at that time, she was 14 years old and 39. In addition, s, he was her producer and her representative art by her stico. (Photo by Alejandro Godinez/ via Getty Images)

Producer Luis de Llano assured that “he was in love” with Sasha Sokol and, with a spiteful tone, assured in an interview that she “sent him to the devil”. What he did not emphasize is that, at the time, she was 14 years old and he was 39. In addition, he was her producer and artistic representative. (Photo by Alejandro Godinez/ via Getty Images)

This week we have seen how two men of considerable fame in the artistic world have declared, with complete normality, that they have maintained romantic and/or sexual relationships with little girls between 14 and 17 years old, being them already adults.

For a bit of context, the first was Louis de Llano, who in an interview with Yordi Rosado spoke about the relationship he had with Sasha Sokol more than 30 years ago. The producer He assured that “he was in love” with the singer and, with a spiteful tone, assured that she “sent him to the devil”.

What he did not emphasize is that, at that time, she was 14 years old and he was 39. Also, he was her producer and artistic representative.

And then came the case Edgar Oceranski. The writer and official Longed Sanchez pointed out that the troubadour harassed when she was 16. In addition, he shared on his social networks a transcript of statements that he allegedly made during a concert in 2009.

In the audio you can hear Oceransky to state that his “deepest preference is the teenagers“.

“To a girl the you meet at 15 and you propose what you want and she says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Simple. Adolescent women are very clear because they are not perverted”, the singer’s voice is heard.

You can listen to the full audio here

Even at some point the singer-songwriter is heard saying that “it is better to go to the boat for a little girl than for the breathalyzer.”

Respect the development of adolescents

The statements of both men jump: adults seeking sentimental and sexual relationships with adolescents is not healthy or normal.

Let’s put it this way: our brain finishes maturing between the ages of 21 and 24 and our cognitive and emotional regulation capacity is accentuated. This allows us to engage in more complex social circles.

“One problem with this type of relationship is that there is disparity in the levels of maturation between these members“, explains the clinical psychologist Tania Gómez.

So what? That much. The adults, already with the developed prefrontal region —yes, the one in charge of regulating and monitoring behavior— they know what the consequences of their approaches to adolescents are.

Unlike the adults, the teenagers they are in process of cognitive, emotional and cerebral regulationhence when during this stage we tend to be more impulsive and less reflective when making decisions.

Is it abuse?

At some point in the audio that Anhalé Sánchez published, you can hear “I told him: «crime yes, but this is not perversion»I studied psychology at UNAM, «this is not perversion, this is early stimulation»”.

The psychologist Tania Gomez explains that, if the adult knows of the advantages he has over an adolescent, we could speak of abuse, especially if there is no disorder or deficiency in the individual’s social skills.

“Even knowing that it has a maturational and bodily advantage is systematically related to adolescents, we could speak of a suspicion of abusesays the expert.

So no, it is not normal for an adult like Oceransky or De Llano, who knowing the consequences of their approachesdecide to establish relationships with adolescents who do not have the same degree of social, bodily or cognitive development.

“One thing is that we are going to bond with adolescents as adults, but as figures that we contribute to the structure and maturation of the adolescent, not on a romantic level, because there we do fall into the issue of abuse because we have an advantage over the adolescent. ”.

In Oceransky’s audios you can hear him say “I’d rather go to the boat for a girl than for the breathalyzer” and well… wow.

Power relations and false consent

Why do these kinds of abuses occur? Yair Maldonadocollaborator of Gendesan organization specialized in working with men to promote and strengthen egalitarian relationships, explains that aggressors take advantage of power imbalances in any relationship or bond.

“An adolescent girl with whom there is usually already some bond, they can exercise some type of authority figure and it is much easier to exercise this control or dominionhaving the perception that it is much easier for them to keep silent, that they are more manipulable than women of the same age”, she mentions.

That is where the power relationshipsin which there is a person who, because of their identity elements or because of the role they play within the relationship or the position they have within an institution, can exercise some authority over the other person.

“Then there is already a perception that this person operates in a social position above another, for example, it can also be from teachers to students or from employers to their employees. There is already one relationshipwhether formal or informal, of inequalitythey are not standing in an equal relationship where the two people have the same autonomy and power about it”, explains Maldonado.

It is through them that the “trickster” or “forced” consentbecause the minor can give consent to a type of relationshipbut it is conditioned because the older person already has some link He can function as a father figure or even as an authority figure.

“In the case of Louis of Llanohe already controlled the professional life of Sasha Sokolso it was easier to take advantage of that unbalanced power relationship,” adds Maldonado.

Finally, it emphasizes that the law contemplates that this consent is forced because it is subject to deception, manipulation or abuse of authority.

Rape and power relations

yair explains to Animal MX that he rape is considered a crime because the Mexican regulations take into account the protection of the childhood of children and adolescents.

Inside of the Federal penal codein Article 262, it is defined that rape occurs “to someone who has intercourse with a person over 12 years of age and under 18, obtaining their consent through deception.”

“It is considered a crime because hinder the natural and social processes of growth and maturation of minors, and opportunities for development, access, opportunities, and more are removed,” Maldonado details.

In addition, it adds that the elements that constitute the rape crime They are different in each state, but the limit is 17 years of age, although they can start from 12 or 15 years depending on the Penal Code of each State.

However, at the Federal level, the punishment for this crime ranges from three months to four years in prison.

Maldonado mentions that, qualitatively, it is considered that with the rape can also develop many types of disorders, imbalances, mental and psychological illnesses starting from this.

“In Mexico, 80% of the victims are girls, so the configuration of the crime has more to do with the protection of minor women, adolescents and girlstaking into account the violent, sexist and objectification context, to delimit the scope of adult men”, explains Yair.


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No, it’s not love, it’s abuse: let’s talk about Luis de Llano and Edgar Oceransky