Noelia is super flirty, she baptizes her photos as “sabroselfie”

The beauty singer and also successful businesswoman Noelia, shared a new photo recently where she is showing off her charms, it is so fascinating that she decided to name it “Sabroselfie“.

Just like in business Noelia She always seeks to revolutionize and be at the forefront, not for nothing has anyone been able to reach her as an entrepreneurial woman, there is no doubt that she has an excellent eye for business and is very good.

This flirtatious businesswoman He also takes the time to pamper his millions of fans, especially those he has added on Instagram.

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A day ago the interpreter of “Dame Una Razón” published this new photo, where she appears lying on her bed, wearing a tiny black bodysuit of the type that she loves to wear, the ones that are tight and tiny at the bottom, so much so that get lost in its charms.

I am going to baptize these photos as sabroselfie “, commented Noelia.

Undoubtedly the combination of the words tasty and selfie, combines perfectly to give life to a new one, with which surely perhaps more than one will feel identified, without a doubt Noelia will impose fashion with this new concept.


Noelia baptizes her photos as “sabroselfie” is super flirty | Instagram noeliaofficial


Among the 670 comments they have, they were delighted to see her in this flirty pose, especially because it shows us a bit of her later charms, several have responded positively through red hearts and excited emojis.

Other netizens were encouraged to write a bit to confirm that they really are, as she herself mentions in her description.

Every day more divine, greetings from Mexico “,” Delicious precious angle “,” Wow what a beauty of a woman always so pretty and beautiful, you brighten my days “, some fans commented.

Probably from now on some of your Internet users will start tagging or using the hashtag “Sabroselfie”.

Noelia he knows perfectly the taste of his fans, something that unfortunately was a coincidence, as a result of a leaked video with his partner, which despite having remained in the past, certain people bring it up again.

By not leaving her alone, the singer decided to take advantage of it, since she became an icon among gentlemen who love to see her with few clothes.

Although she herself commented that she would venture into the world of adult films, it was a project that was not completed, so officially Noelia is not an actress for adult entertainment films.

However, in effect she likes to be a flirtatious woman and show off her charms, although of course without showing too much as many would like.

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Noelia is super flirty, she baptizes her photos as “sabroselfie”