Not everyone was very happy with the appearance of Adamari López on Telemundo’s La Mesa Caliente

Yes. Adamari Lopez was in La Mesa Caliente, the new Telemundo program which takes the time slot left free by the cancellation of Suelta La Sopa, Jorge Bernal’s program. During his visit, Adamari López drew attention for several reasons. His appearance was one of them. Some applauded her green outfit. Because she literally did not go unnoticed and she also looked extremely thin. There were those who said that she did not like it, but these voices were among the least heard.

While complaints about his lack of response did not go unnoticed. There were viewers and users of social networks who did not ignore this fact and have complained to the Puerto Rican for not having answered all the questions that were asked there. They even asked her why she came if she wasn’t willing to answer everything. While others applauded his ease in answering some of the toughest questions about his relationship with Toni Costa and his new love, model Evelyn Beltrán.

The claims for Adamari López

“Well, I think that if it’s called Hot Table, it’s that you should answer the questions that they ask you and this one comes out that you can’t answer, that is… Why do you invite her?” Someone commented on the Instagram account of the program hosted by Myrka Dellanos, Veronica Bastos, Giselle Blondet and Alix Aspe.

For some Adamari says little, for others Adamari says a lot and shares too much of his life both in his Hoy Día program and on social networks. For this reason they also commented: “He didn’t say anything we didn’t know.” Laughing, on the other hand, they also express again that the public already knows everything about Adamari, for this reason they would like other characters to come to the show instead of her: “Girls, we already know Ada’s life, interview someone plus”.

Among the voices annoyed by his so-called lack of response, they say: “I think that next time they pass the questions to the guests first, I’ll stay watching the interview with Adamari to see her not answer anything.”

Opinions about the show don’t seem to improve. There are already some who describe it as: “More of the same”. While several maintain her opinion about Adamari and already call her: “rude”. “Sorry but how rude Adamaris, what a lack of respect for the drivers. So what was it for?”

Myrka Dellanos vs Adamari Lopez

Myrka Dellanos asked this question: ““Ada wanted to ask you, Speaking of how obviously the two are public figures -Toni Costa and Adamari López-, then people are commenting on TV, that is, the girl is going to see something, I wanted to ask you specifically about now the new partner that he has. And I wanted to ask you something, although one does not want to be with a man, because it has happened to me, if that man immediately starts with another person it seems to me something that bothers me, how did you feel“.

It is not the first time that Adamari has received questions about Evelyn Beltrán, her partner Quique Usales has done so in Hoy Día, and although she has not been comfortable, the Puerto Rican has answered, without answering. That is, it is understood that she was silent because apparently her daughter Alaïa was watching the show.

These were Adamari’s words for Myrka Dellanos: “Our daughter must be watching the show and that’s all I have to say about it because nobody knows, nothing else.”

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Not everyone was very happy with the appearance of Adamari López on Telemundo’s La Mesa Caliente