Not only in muscles do Schwarzenegger’s children resemble their father

At 74 years old, Arnold schwarzenegger He is one of the best known Hollywood stars and now his children are ready to follow in his footsteps. While the Austrian actor gained worldwide fame in the 1980s as an action movie hero with films such as Conan the barbarian or TerminatorIt is evident that he would never have achieved it if it had not been for those muscles entrenched in his career as a bodybuilding icon.

And precisely Along the same lines, his son Joseph Baena presents himself, who has announced a new project as an actor. After showing off his muscles on his Instagram account, making comparisons with his father inevitable, the young man also follows in his footsteps in acting in the same way as his brother Patrick Schwarzenegger.

CANNES, FRANIA: Photo taken on May 19, 1977 of Arnold Schwarzenegger during the 38th Cannes film festival. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP / AFP via Getty Images)

CANNES, FRANIA: Photo taken on May 19, 1977 of Arnold Schwarzenegger during the 38th Cannes film festival. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP / AFP via Getty Images)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has five children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, Christopher, and Joseph Baena. The first four are the result of his relationship with the journalist Maria Shriver, whom he married on April 26, 1986. Just three years after the marriage, in 1989, Katherine would be born, in 1991 Christina, in 1993 Patrick and in 1997 Christopher . Nevertheless, In 2011 the actor divorced the niece of John F. Kennedy after an infidelity committed with his former domestic employee, Mildred Patricia Baena, with whom he also had a son in 1997 named Joseph Baena.

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Justly The 24-year-old is in the limelight after revealing that he not only resembles his father in muscles. And it is that the son of the bodybuilding legend has inherited genetics from his father, but also the passion for acting. Until now, the young man has triumphed on Instagram thanks to his muscles but he has been bitten by the media spotlight and is making his first steps in the world of acting.

In any case, it must first be stressed that Joseph Baena has earned the label of celebrity since he has developed the same passion for bodybuilding as his father (both are a carbon copy), a delivery that even It has led him to compete professionally and to practice as a physical trainer.

Now, without forgetting that he is one of the promises of bodybuilding and that it is common to see him publish his back, chest or leg workouts at the mythical Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Joseph Baena is currently recording on locations in Honolulu (Hawaii). The protagonist himself has been the one who has revealed through his Instagram account that he is immersed in a new professional challenge.

“I’m excited to be filming the Lava movie with the bitflixnfts crew! Comment what you think is happening in this scene, the young man has published about an acting work that is not his first contact with the spotlights. And it is that last May the aspiring bodybuilder finished recording Bully high.

The most curious thing about all this is that in addition to continuing to act like his father, the young man also has his eyes on his career as a real estate agent, focusing on the real estate market in the West LA and Silicon Beach area of ​​Los Angeles.

Although Joseph Baena is one of Arnold’s most unknown sons, the truth is that the announcement of his new project as an actor shows that the young man wanted to follow in his father’s professional footsteps both in the gym and when carving out a career as an interpreter. Something that, on the other hand, should not be surprising given that In the Scwarzenegger family, physical activity has always been conceived as a lifestyle and Mildred’s son Patricia Baena is not the only one who lifts heavy weights.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is also as disciplined as his father in his bodybuilding days.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is 28 years old and has mainly developed his career as a model, being represented by the LA Models agency. Thus, he displayed this facet for the Hudson Jeans campaign, but also became the first heir to Arnold Schwarzenegger in acting. And it is that this young American, in addition to trying his luck as an entrepreneur after graduating from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, prepared to fulfill his dream in the interpretive world.

In this way, Patrick Schwarzenegger received classes from Nancy Banks, the teacher of artists of the stature of Margot Robbie and Chris Pine, and also took a course in cinematographic art. Although his last name may have helped him, the truth is that the young man has stood out in the industry on his own merit since So far he has chained more than ten films and a series, Scream queens. In addition to some other video clip What Right There by Ariana Grande.

On the big screen, Patrick Schwarzenegger has participated in The Benchwarmers, Grown Ups 2 or Stuck in Love. in addition has been the protagonist of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Midnight love and Daniel Isn’t Real and co-star of Dear eleanor, Go north and Moxie.

In the end it will be true that such a stick, such a splinter.

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Not only in muscles do Schwarzenegger’s children resemble their father