Nuria Roca breaks down crying live: “This is what happens when you see the testimonies first-hand”

Nuria Rock has spoken in the final stretch of ‘The rock’ with Elena Panasuka Ukrainian woman who has lived in Spain for many years and who this Sunday, at 7:45 p.m. and after a 40-hour bus ride, was in Warsaw along with some thirty volunteers who, together with the Madrina Foundation, have traveled to the capital of Poland to pick up 250 refugees who have been forced to flee Ukraine with what they were wearing after the Russian invasion.

the driver of ‘The rock’ She wanted to know what the interviewee found on her arrival in Poland. “A lot of organization is needed, because the situation of the people from Ukraine who are crossing the border is catastrophic, although everything is calm here in Warsaw, but in the border area a lot of help is needed, but logistics are lacking,” he explained. Elena Panasuk to Nuria Rock, who stressed that it has been a very complicated journey. “Yes, but with great enthusiasm. Then rest in Spain,” said the Ukrainian woman.

The decision of the father of Elena Panasyuk

The presenter of the program that is broadcast on Sundays from 3:30 p.m. The sixth has asked Elena Panasuk by his father, who at 80 years of age remains in the Ukraine. “I haven’t heard from him for four days because there is no coverage in Iran, but I hope he is fine,” he said. “He has decided to stay because he says he was born in 1942, in World War II, and that he is going to die in the war, so he has not wanted to move,” continued the Ukrainian, who has been optimistic. “I send him all the force possible and I know that soon we will know something about him, because some news arrives every three or four days,” she added.

My father has decided to stay in the Ukraine because he says that he was born in 1942, in the Second World War, and that he is going to die in the war, so he has not wanted to move

Elena Panasyuk, in ‘The Rock’

Elena Panasuk He has said that the last time he contacted his father, he was fine. “The luck is that he doesn’t live in a building, but instead lives in a chalet a little far from the downtown area of ​​Iran where everything is destroyed. It has its own water well and independent electricity point, so in this sense It’s fine. And he also has food stored to subsist for approximately two months. He told me the last time I spoke to him that he will resist with this, “said the interviewee. “We are going to return better than we came because we are going to return with 250 hopes,” she added.

The tears of Nuria Roca

The Ukrainian experienced the Chernbyl nuclear accident in the first person in April 1986, since her father worked at the nuclear power plant and she and her sister were evacuated, as she recalled Nuria Rock. However, Elena Panasuk It is focused on the present. “Now I don’t think about anything, I just go step by step, I do what I have to do, and then I’ll reflect on everything,” she declared, at which time the presenter of ‘The rock’ He was moved and couldn’t help but shed more than one tear. “Now, my girl, now, in 40 hours we’ll be back”, the interviewee has tried to comfort her, who has also ended up getting emotional.

“Everything is going to be fine, I’m sure,” she continued. Elena Panasuk, who, to put an end to the interview, highlighted the effort and work of the thirty volunteers who, thanks to the Madrina Foundation, have traveled with her to Warsaw to pick up 250 Ukrainian refugees. “This is what happens when you know the testimonies first hand”, she has highlighted to conclude Nuria Rock after having fired and closed the connection with the Ukrainian.

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Nuria Roca breaks down crying live: “This is what happens when you see the testimonies first-hand”