Octavio Ocaña: They reveal the last will of the “Neighbors” actor, who will inherit his fortune?

The tragic death of Octavio Ocana dressed the show business in mourning and continues to give something to talk about, because now the last will of the actor of “Neighbors” in which he points out the person who would inherit all his fortune.

The 22-year-old actor passed away on October 29 shoot up allegedly accidentally to the head during a chase in Cuautitlán Izcalli, this according to the report of the Prosecutor’s office of the State of Mexico.

The actor who played Benito Rivers in “Neighbors”He was engaged to Nerea Godínez, who had a four-year-old son whose closeness and affection with the actor he was so great that he called him dad.

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The couple shared much of their time with little André, who could now be the inheritor of the fortune of Octavio Ocaña that amounts to a million dollars as a result of his work as an actor that began when he was five years old.


Was the youtuber Dael Quiroz who revealed on his channel “ArguenteTV” that the actor would have left a letter, without official validity, in which he indicates that his last will is to inherit your fortune to son of Nerea Godínez whom he loved as if he were his.

In addition to “Neighbors”, where he shared the scene with Cesar Bono and Lalo España, Ocaña participated in other productions such as “Amor letter by letter” and “Lola, once upon a time” together with Eiza Gonzalez in 2007.

According to the influencer, thanks to his great work the actor could have bought two propertiess that they would be in the name of the child, however, his mother would be the one who will take care of them until the child reaches the age of majority.

Octavio Ocaña shot himself?

The version given by the Prosecutor’s Office on the actor’s death, who would turn 23 days after the accident, has been rejected by the family who said they were willing to do everything possible to find the culprits and do Justice.

He was the father of the actor, Octavio Perez, who reported that an expert had ruled out that the actor died because he accidentally shot himself during the persecution, as reported by the authorities.

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“There are elements of a physical, chemical and biological order that occur when a person is killed by a firearm. In this case, these elements do not exist in their entirety to be able to have the scientific certainty that he fired the shot to deprive himself of life, therefore, I consider that up to this moment that fact cannot be scientifically verifiable, “the expert reported.

The investigations continue while a few days ago the family of Octavio Ocana went to the place where he died in the highway Champa- Lechería, in the State of Mexico, to leave flowers and put candles.


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Octavio Ocaña: They reveal the last will of the “Neighbors” actor, who will inherit his fortune?