Octavio Ocaña truth: The alleged truth about Octavio Ocaña is revealed

  • Companions reveal the truth of the case of Octavio Ocaña
  • Didn’t the actor shoot himself as the Prosecutor’s Office say?
  • What did Octavio’s companions reveal?

Did the actor ever draw his gun? The controversy continues and does not seem to leave the case of the late Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, and it is that after several weeks of his death, his case takes a completely unexpected turn after the main witnesses confessed the whole truth and revealed that the actor had never did you use the gun?

The entertainment world was plunged into complete confusion after it became known that the interpreter of ‘Benito Rivers’ had died abruptly on October 29 after a police chase in the State of Mexico, which unfortunately ended in tragedy.

A new twist to the case of Octavio Ocaña, is the truth revealed?

A new twist to the case of Octavio Ocaña, is the truth revealed?
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According to the official report provided by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, it indicated that the bullet that killed Octavio Ocaña had been fired by him from inside the vehicle, which was being pursued by the police of the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, however, this version from the beginning did not seem to the family or the followers of the actor.

The official version indicated that as a result of the impact with the truck, the actor accidentally shot himself with the firearm, which caused the bullet to hit the head and lose his life on the way to the hospital.

What was the alleged truth of the Prosecutor’s Office about the death of Octavio Ocaña?

What was the alleged truth of the Prosecutor's Office about the death of Octavio Ocaña?
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However, things take a monumental turn after the initial witnesses, that is, the companions who were in Octavio Ocaña’s car testified and confessed the whole truth, revealing important aspects that could take the case to a more complicated level than what it already was.

And it is that according to the new lawyer of the family, revealed that the companions argued that the official report of the Attorney General’s Office was erroneous, and that according to them, the deceased 22-year-old actor never drew a gun, much less shot himself in the head.

Is the truth revealed? Companions give a twist to the case of Octavio Ocaña

Is the truth revealed? Companions give a twist to the case of Octavio Ocaña
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Through an interview with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the family lawyer; Francisco Hernández, commented that the statements of the “tailor” and “the mechanic”, people who were with Octavio Ocaña on the day of his death, revealed the truth and opened new lines of investigation:

“We are very optimistic about what they declared. His statements are in conflict with the official version, we managed to open new lines of investigation “, commented the family lawyer for the Gustavo Adolfo Infante program, verbatim that the newspaper managed to rescue The Herald.

Octavio Ocaña never drew his gun?

Octavio Ocaña never drew his gun?
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According to what was revealed in said interview, the two men and companions who were in the same car that Octavio Ocaña was driving before his death, confessed the truth and revealed that the Mexican actor had never drawn a gun, much less shot himself.

According to attorney Francisco, it was “the Tailor”, who was traveling in the back of the truck, who confessed that he never saw the actor take out a weapon as handled by the official version provided by the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office, giving a complete twist on the case

“They comment that they never saw the actor draw the gun”; They reveal the alleged truth of the case of Octavio Ocaña

"They comment that they never saw the actor draw the gun"; They reveal the alleged truth of the case of Octavio Ocaña
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In the revelation, the companions maintained the following: “They said that they never saw that he [Octavio Ocaña] It could have been fired, what’s more, even one of them, the one in the back, says he never saw Octavio draw a gun, “commented the lawyer for Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s program, revealing the alleged truth of the case.

To end his participation, the lawyer for the family of the deceased actor concluded that it will be the next 2022 when the investigations continue their course, this due to the Christmas and New Year dates. YOU CAN SEE PART OF THE INTERVIEW WITH THE JOURNALIST HERE.

They reveal the supposed ‘key’ test to solve the murder of Octavio Ocaña

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In another thread of things, on December 9, the alleged evidence to solve the murder of Octavio Ocaña was revealed. While Lalo Spain and the entire production of the “Neighbors” program are preparing a very special tribute after the death of Octavio Ocaña, who played “Benito Rivers”, a ‘proof’ is released that could show how his murder was.

The team is already recording seasons 12 and 13, which will premiere the following year, and where the soul of the young man, who died at the end of October, will continue to be present, according to Agencia Reforma. “It is a surprise, but it will be a very beautiful tribute, Elías Solorio and the production sought to have the image of our beloved Octavio present,” said Lalo España.

New and explosive statements Did he commit suicide?

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“I cannot reveal to you how the group of writers managed, they will see many very beautiful surprises, that you cannot imagine, their image will continue… It took me a lot of work (to talk to his family), I waited several days, when I spoke with them we broke down, it was an explosion of emotions from so many beautiful memories, “said the renowned Mexican actor.

More than a month after the death of the beloved child actor, details of his death are released that cast doubt on everything that was known so far. Recently, Octavio Ocaña’s family gathered the press in a press conference to give new news about the investigation.

Reveal ‘key’ test

The death of Octavio Ocaña still touches the hearts of his fans and, to honor him, Piñatería Ramírez decided to make a figure with his iconic character in Neighbors: “Benito Rivers”. At the same time that the lawyer for the child actor’s family revealed the ‘key evidence’ to solve his murder.

“We have expressed from the beginning that this representation is going to be comprehensive, we not only want to do it from the criminal area, but also from human rights,” declared “Benito’s” father at a press conference according to the Los Angeles newspaper. The opinion.

They prepare tributes and the new tests are announced

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“Mr. Octavio not only wants punishment for the guilty, we want this case to become a precedent so that something like this does not happen again,” said the new family lawyer, according to La Opinion. The discordant versions have led to ‘anger’ his family and the followers of the actor.

While it was announced in networks that the famous piñata business has launched one of the young actor characterized as a homeless person who will go out to ask for money, a personification that made him famous in the Televisa humor series. On the other hand, the recordings of the new season of “Neighbors”, where Octavio participated, began a few days ago.

What is the ‘key’ evidence in the actor’s murder?

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The family’s lawyer made strong statements on the Mexican entertainment program. “I can tell you that neither on the clothes nor on the body of our dear Octavio there is any sign of gunpowder, that is, he never fired,” said the lawyer, according to the newspaper. The village.

The above would show that the actor did not commit suicide, how he has managed in some versions of what happened, according to the lawyer. The comedian’s death sparked a barrage of criticism, outrage, and demands for justice in Mexico. The followers and family of Octavio Ocaña honored his memory with flower arrangements in the place where he died, marches and through social networks.

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Octavio Ocaña truth: The alleged truth about Octavio Ocaña is revealed