Octavio Ocaña, your family changes lawyers. Betrayed?

Recently, it has become known that the family of the famous actor Octavio Ocana He has decided to change his defense in the case that is still under investigation, something that has undoubtedly surprised millions of people.

A little over a month after the loss of Octavio Ocaña, who lost his life at the end of last October in circumstances that are still being investigated, the news emerges that the family of the remembered “Benito” will change legal defense in the case that has shocked the public.

And it is that after the official report of the authorities, in which it was determined that Ocaña had shot himself with his own weapon in the middle of the persecution that he was subjected to in the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli, the actor’s family has dismissed the information .

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This is how the parents and sisters of Ocaña have assured that they will not rest until they clarify what really happened that Friday night, since in their opinion, it was the same elements of the State of Mexico police who would have ended their lives of the 22-year-old actor.

In this way, it has now been confirmed that the Pérez Ocaña family would have separated from the legal team with which they had been handling matters related to their son, who has been the object of some tributes to recognize his artistic career after his death.


Indeed, yes, it is confirmed, Mr. Octavio Pérez Ocaña and his family decided to change lawyers. According to the information that we can give you up to now, the lawyer who will handle this case is called Francisco Hernández, he is a humanist lawyer, that is, a specialist in human rights issues, they will take this instance with this humanitarian approach, “they commented. .

On the other hand, the journalists also confirmed that the relatives of Octavio Ocaña and the independent experts they hired already have in their possession the garments that the actor was wearing on the day of his loss, although they discussed how reliable the clothes will be, since there may have been been washed or intervened.

In addition, they mentioned that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico has greatly lost its credibility in this case.

The Ocaña family and the actor’s widow, Nerea González, were questioned by the press, who asked about the actor’s heritage and how they will remember the 22-year-old at the Christmas holidays.

Very hard, very sad, suffering it more every day and feeling it more every day, but he is already a little angel and he is already resting ”, declared Ana Lucía before the cameras of“ Come joy ”, which commented that her birthday and the holidays December will never be the same without “the king.”

In addition, the patriarch of the Ocaña family, Octavio Pérez, put a stop to the multiple questions about the inheritance that supposedly different media left his widow, Nerea Godínez.

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Octavio Ocaña, your family changes lawyers. Betrayed?