Octavio Ocaña’s father accepts that his son had a gun in the truck where he was traveling

Octavio Pérez, father of deceased Octavio Ocaña, initially declared to the media that his son had not drunk alcoholic beverages and that the firearm found in the truck had been “sown” For the police.

Don’t ask me about weapons because that doesn’t existThose are things that they invented for him, of course it was something sown, he had someone to take care of him and they are the ones who bring a weapon. I am devastated and this goes for all parents who have lost a child like me, our children are exposed by this policy that we have and by that police, who are corrupt, because that is what happened to my son, “he said on Saturday 30th of October.

However, on the morning of November 2, the Tabasco businessman acknowledged that the gun was owned by the actor, but the bullet that took his life did not come out of his weapon, because the caliber is different.


The new statements of Octavio Pérez

The actor’s father pointed out that his son told him that he was going to a party and admitted that he carried a weapon for personal defense, however, he flatly denied that Benito’s interpreter in the series Neighbors consumed narcotics.

My son did not smoke marijuana, my son was not an alcoholic who took two days, because he had a responsibility, in Mexico he was taking care of my company there and I was in Tabasco receiving orders from him, so we were daily, “he explained to Gustavo Adolfo Infante for his program of Facebook.

“He asked my permission that he was going to leave, he always brought two escorts, and at that time he had a meal in Villa del Carbón, but he told me, ‘Dad, I’m going to have a chela (beer)’ and I told him: ‘ Take the escorts because that’s where the cab is… ‘he left them to his girlfriend and went ahead with two friends of mine and at that moment what happened happened, “he said in the interview.

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Octavio Ocaña did travel with a gun in the truck

According to the actor’s father, the 22-year-old knew how to use weapons and had permission to carry them: “Because of the insecurity we live in, we had permission to carry the National Defense […] I taught my son to use weapons, he didn’t have to do that, it was impossible. “

“He never brought a cut cartridge, prohibited, he never brought that, they (the police) killed him and put it there […] I accept it, the gun was his, but the shot that hit him It wasn’t that caliber, it was 9mm“He added that a policeman admitted to firing the gun on one occasion.

However, he said that the impact that took his son’s life was not shot by him: “The bullet comes from behind, how is he going to shoot? They were chasing him, how he was driving, how is he going to bring a gun in hand ?, my son was not crazy […] A 9mm shot that came in from outside a policeman accepted that he shot“he added.

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The alleged inconsistencies in the opinions of the prosecution

Octavio Pérez accused the Mexican authorities of changing the rulings, because, as he explained at the beginning, the actor’s toxicological tests were negative, but a second report pointed out the opposite.

“They have issued three statements and there is a prosecutor who spoke with my daughter and told her that she left negative first, negative alcohol test, negative Harrison test (gunpowder residue) and then they say to my daughter: ‘ What do you think? Always yes’“.

Don Octavio pointed out that to avoid another autopsy on his son or any type of expert evidence, he decided to transfer the body to his native Tabasco.

“That’s why I brought the body, my son is no one’s experiment so that they are opening it all the time, that’s why I came for him and brought him to my land, I have it safe here at least, “he stressed to Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

The Ocaña family is not satisfied with the ruling and will seek justice

The father of the star of Neighbors warned that he will go to the last consequences so that those guilty of his son’s death are punished.

“I am very hurt and very devastated […] I have no words, but I already buried my son, now there he goes to the authorities, Until the last consequences. I am very upset with this opinion they gave. “


The alleged evidence proving it was a murder

Pérez revealed that he has a video that shows that his son was murdered and did not die accidentally as reported by the prosecution.

“I have a video that a friend from the National Guard gave it to me that I sent it at that time and I have it from C5, I had uploaded it and they deleted it, the one that goes on the federal highway, so I will present it in due course.” And he added: “Now we are not just taking care of crime, also of the police, this is not just what is happening to us.”

He pointed out that the companions who were traveling with Octavio are at liberty, but one of them was allegedly beaten by the police to force him to declare that he had fired the weapon.

“My friend was released until yesterday (November 1), They were beating him to blame himself for having shot my son. In due time he will also go with me and accompany me because they are my people. “

Finally, he announced that he will not stop until he knows the truth about the death of Octavio Ocaña: “My son was alive and they let him die that easy, they just stared at him funny, now comes mine,” he said in the interview.

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Octavio Ocaña’s father accepts that his son had a gun in the truck where he was traveling