Octavio Ocaña’s father assures that his son “sowed” the weapon: the actor’s girlfriend accuses “attacks”

Octavio Pérez, the artist’s father, made it clear that doubt the official version made public by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico regarding the events of last Friday, October 29, in which the 22-year-old died.


The mystery surrounding the weapon that supposedly killed Octavio Ocaña

The authority said in a statement that Ocaña, and two subjects who accompanied him (and who were arrested), “had been with him in recent days. consuming alcohol“According to an official statement by the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, a report was attended” that there were some people aboard a gray Jeep truck that they carried a firearm“.

According to this version, it was Ocaña’s vehicle, for which the police began a pursuit and “they had been stopped and (he) accelerated to avoid being arrested.” According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the actor “carried a firearm,” which he took out of the glove compartment.

But his dad doesn’t agree with that version: “Don’t ask me about weapons because that doesn’t exist, those are things that they invented, of course it was something sown“, he told media like Wake up America and El Universal. In addition, he also denied that the actor had ingested alcohol or drugs.


I am broken And this goes for all parents who have lost a child like me: our children are exposed by this policy that we have and by that police, who they are corrupt, because that’s what happened to my son, “he expressed annoyed.

Sisters of Octavio Ocaña break the silence

Bertha and Ana Ocaña, the actor’s sisters, spoke to the press this Sunday, October 31, moments before the body of their famous brother left the funeral home where he was veiled in the State of Mexico.

They were questioned about the controversy and doubts that the version of the Prosecutor’s Office has generated and that has been questioned with videos that have emerged in media and social networks with which it is questioned that Octavio Ocaña has taken a weapon out of the glove compartment.

“At the moment we do not want to get too hooked on that issue, of course it was a case of injustice. We are going to go to the last consequences and we are going to ask for justice“said Ana, in statements published by the newspaper Reforma.


Octavio Ocaña’s family asks for justice in the face of his death

Ana Ocaña thanked people for joining her voice before the clamor to clarify what happened to the actor on the Chamapa-Lechería highway, at the height of the Prados Iztacala neighborhood, in Atizapán de Zaragoza: “We as a family, At the moment the priority is to give Octavio’s body rest, that he is already resting in peace and later take charge of asking for justice“.

“Unfortunately we live in a country where there is no justice and apparently it will never exist,” said Bertha, the other sister. “We need more of God and much less of us human beings to let there be no violence and injustice, “completed Ana.

A day before, the artist’s father confirmed that the two men who were with his son in the truck, and who were made available to the Public Ministry, were people who “looked after” the actor: “He had someone to take care of him and they are the ones with weapons“.


Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée accuses attacks after the death of the Vecinos actor

But also, certain indications have reached him: ” Many attack meRight? I’m not interested, I’m not interested, I know how I felt (about him). We both knew what we had and well, “he said in statements presented in ‘Come joy’.

Godínez did not specify what kind of criticism he has received. However, since she and Ocaña made their relationship public, some social media users have said that she was his girlfriend because he was famous.


The actor’s fiancee, who received the engagement ring Last June, she confirmed that she would go with her boyfriend’s family to Tabasco, where he was born, to carry out the last funeral services: “I got very close to them and their entire family.”

On the unknowns that still surround the death of her fiancé, she said: ” They took it from meI just hope that there is justice, that the truth comes out and with that I would be very calm. “

Octavio Ocaña’s body is transferred to Tabasco

This Sunday, October 31, the family of actor Octavio Ocaña moved his body to his native Tabasco. According to the Reforma newspaper review, the artist’s coffin was “silver and with a red blanket” over it. He will be buried in Villahermosa.

“As a family we decided that it would be so, that his body be buried there, but his heart and spirit remain in each person who loved him and has shown us his affection through social networks and physically, “said his sister Ana Ocaña.

“As the producer (of Neighbors) Elías Solorio, he became immortal, that’s Octavio Ocaña, he is immortal from this moment on and it will be in every heart thanks to all of Mexico and those who are outside for all the love, affection and respect “.

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Octavio Ocaña’s father assures that his son “sowed” the weapon: the actor’s girlfriend accuses “attacks”