Octavio Ocaña’s father reveals the last conversation he had with his son before he died

Octavio Ocaña.

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One week after the actor’s death Octavio Ocana doubts and speculations continue to arise derived from the way in which the authorities acted, and even more after determining that the actor’s head shot was accidentally fired by himself during the persecution through the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli in the State of Mexico.

After the result of the expert opinion, the actor’s father maintains his position on the death of the 22-year-old, in which he assures that he did not shoot himself, because He did not use drugs and the day he lost his life he was driving his truck because he was going to a party.

During an interview for the program ‘Ventaneando’, Mr. Octavio Pérez recalled the last conversation he had with his son via telephone hours before his death, where he asked permission to go to a meeting.

My son came with music, he asked my permission, I live in Tabasco and he lived with his partner. We are entrepreneurs, we have mutual companies“, said.

And remembered the last words of Octavio Ocaña.

“He told me: ‘Dad, I’m going to miss two, three hours because I’m going to Villa del Carbón for a meal.’

Octavio Perez

Mr. Octavio reiterates that he is willing to go to the last consequences to clarify the death of his son, since he assures that the wrongdoing of the police of the State of Mexico is known by all who pass through the area:

“Going there is a problem because They are extortionists, they stop you for anything and to see what you bring, they work for the skill, they are undesirable peopleHe explained.

And due to the dubious reputation that the same police have achieved, he declares that he always advised his son that if he saw something suspicious not to stop, a suggestion that the young actor followed and that it would cost him his life after star in the now famous chase.

He didn’t have to stop, he didn’t commit any crime. That’s how it was, they started to chase him and that’s what happened, They caused them to lose control of the truck by chasing him and so, so, they killed himThere is no other way for that position, ”he adds.

Octavio Pérez assures that his son did not activate the weapon, therefore, the bullet that took his life was fired by the policeman while he was being followedSince the pistol that was his property, which had all the permits, does not correspond to the caliber of the shot, in addition to the fact that the truck has at least five bullet holes.

“He didn’t activate the gun, nothing like that. they killed my sonThe proof is that the police had been shooting at him from the non-municipal federal highway, there they made a mistake. The weapon was ours, it was registered, they have it and they will want to turn everything over, but they know it is legal. My son was shot 9 millimeters it is clear to me. Even if I have to kill myself with them, until the end I will do justice.

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Octavio Ocaña’s father reveals the last conversation he had with his son before he died