Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee appears dressed as a wedding and clarifies the situation

Nerea Godínez and Octavio Ocaña had wedding plans, the couple got engaged in june, they made it known through Instagram. However, everything was cut short with the death of the 23-year-old actor.

On December 16, Ocaña’s fiancee surprised his followers by appear dressed as a bride, but before the speculation began, the businesswoman clarified the situation.

“So that they do not start,” he wrote at the beginning of the message published in a photograph of his Instagram stories. “Since many years Call me for makeup practice Because she has a school and I love her work, she is always the one who does my makeup, “she explained.

Nerea also clarified that photography “is not new” and raved to the Instagram account of the makeup artist Sile Makeup Artist, who for her part published a series of photos of Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee posing in a white wedding dress.

Octavio and Nerea’s wedding plans

The couple had planned to marry in January 2022, but although Octavio is gone, Nerea shared that he will celebrate a kind of ceremony: “On those dates it will be celebrated, something will be done in the name of what would have been the wedding, “he told ‘The sun rises’ on November 19.”Some meeting with the family, as if it had been, but obviously not a giant party. Let him stay that marked day“he added.

Attacks and accusations against Nerea Godínez

Since the death of Octavio Ocaña on October 29, the businesswoman has been target of speculation and criticism ranging from allegedly collecting life insurance from the actor, until she is involved in the murder, information that has been denied by her and the family of the Star of the Neighbors series.

On December 8, a press conference was offered to give details about the turn that the case took with the new defense, where Octavio’s sister and father advocated for Nerea and the alleged insurance.

“It is definitely something that, even if it existed, we don’t have to make it known“Bertha Ocaña warned in statements presented in ‘Come joy’,” they are private and personal things that do not concern them. “Octavio Pérez, father of the actor, added:” I have nothing to talk about Nerea. She was my son’s girlfriend I respect her and she is loved, nothing more”.

At the end of November, the businesswoman answered bluntly to the version that she had been left with an alleged inheritance after the death of the young actor: “There is no inheritance that he has left me. Of course not. I don’t know where they get so many things from. I do not know how people believe it if they do not even teach them with evidence, but hey, “he clarified in ‘First hand’.


Nerea’s relationship with Octavio’s family

Through social networks and the different communication media, the good relationship that exists between Nerea and her fiancé’s family. Godínez has accompanied them to various events in honor of the actor, as well as to some television programs to publicize the progress of the case.

Also, on December 13 he dedicated a emotional birthday message to his mother-in-law: “My beautiful queen, I do not have enough words to describe what I feel in these moments and I know perfectly that you less, I can only tell you that I am grateful to cross in this life to be able to give us so much love and affection”.

“I know of all the special dates this is the worst for you, but as I have told you, I don’t let go of her for a second and I’m going to celebrate and pamper him as our child would have. I love her with all my being, I especially love that photo of you and we both know why. I love her, adore her and admire her, she knows that all together it will always be better. “

Nerea shared that from the beginning she had a good relationship with Ana Lucía Ocaña: “Thank you for loving and accepting me Since the day you met me, I owe you my life because you gave me the most important being for you and let me take care of you, guide you and love you and despite everything that has happened, it has allowed me to continue feeling love for our child and It has even made me understand what I am worth. Ana… I admire her, respect her and adore her! Happy birthday my beautiful queen! “, He finished in the message.

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Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee appears dressed as a wedding and clarifies the situation