Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, after being attacked, makes a drastic decision

After the death of Octavio Ocaña, one of the people who has raised his voice the most is Nerea Godínez, the one who was the actor’s fiancee and who has now become the target of criticism, because some consider that this young woman is taking advantage of the situation to gain fame, at least that is what many think.

That is why the late artist’s girlfriend once again showed her face to the wave of attacks she has received in recent days, and through social networks she launched a very forceful message to confront those who point it out and even clarified her position.

The young woman released this message to those who point her outInstagram / Nerea Godínez

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“Let’s see people … It is not possible that they really believe this nonsense, do I not give them confidence? Did I want fame? … I never asked to go through this, I never asked the whole world to point to me after all, so respect and stop sharing pend **** I have put up with that ‘seer cat’ issue quite a bit , but that’s it, don’t you trust me? No way, I don’t need your approval, I don’t have to explain how I feel, because I know that “Nerea began by saying.

And I add, “I hope they never go through something like this and that apart from everything they blame them. You don’t know anything about what our life was like, all your assumptions don’t come close, so stop making stupid people famous who only contaminates the brains of people who believe the first thing they read. Greetings and I hope I don’t have to post again ”.

However, the thing did not stop there, because Godínez released a video on his Instagram account in which he once again defended his honor, since she pointed out that she is going through a very complicated situation and that They don’t have to see her crying for them to see her pain.

Nerea also said that the attacks of this character who began to spread the intrigues already have her to the limit and that when she tried to face it she blocked her. In addition, she pointed out that she is not guilty of Octavio’s death, that she does not have bad friends and that she would never have wanted to go through this.

“I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t ask that out of nowhere the whole people start following me. My profile was always public, I am not someone who when I started to see that I had requests I made it public, I always had my public profile. I did not ask people to follow me, so stop attacking me, because I have done absolutely nothing “Said the woman who would arrive at the altar with Ocaña in this clip of just over two minutes.

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And to finish, Nerea asked the fans to stop sharing the things that this person who calls himself the ‘seer cat’ spreads, Well, the only thing he does is misinform, but Godínez revealed that he can no longer take it anymore and in the face of so many accusations, he decided to stay away from social networks and not give more statements to the press.

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Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, after being attacked, makes a drastic decision