Octavio Ocaña’s mother breaks her silence: “Kill me, please kill me”

The actor’s mother expressed her pain before the cameras of Primer Impacto (Photo: Screenshot)

There is no greater pain for a mother than losing her child, even more so if they are in such painful and unfair cases as is the case of Octavio Ocana, who lost his life almost a week ago. His mother, doña Ana Lucía Ocaña, broke her silence and opened her heart to tell of these terrible moments that she lives after the death of the remembered “Benito”.

In an interview for the program ‘Primer Impacto’, the mother of the remembered Mexican actor, narrated through tears what the departure of Octavio has meant for her, also told some details of that fateful day and how the investigations by the police are progressing .

She confessed to feeling “devastated” and “dead inside.” Very distressed, she said how she would have responded to the police who intervened her 22-year-old son.

“I started to tremble, and I would say give them everything, kill me, but not my son. I would have liked to say kill me, please kill me “said Doña Ana Lucía very energetic and addressing the municipal police of Cuautitlán Izcalli.

Secondly, Octavio Perez, the actor’s father, recalled how he alerted his son when he told him where he would be, in the State of Mexico: “Abused, I told him, because there it is very ugly, the curves, the people, the police, the state police, they are shit. Abused, ‘yes dad, don’t worry’ “.

The family is very determined that the young actor did not kill himself with an alleged weapon that the police found, and how the authorities have manipulated the scene to make believe that. Therefore, they require an in-depth investigation, where the videos that circulate on social networks are included.

“With all due respect to everyone, I am not sucking my thumb, who killed him? the police”, said the father of ‘Benito’, who also denounced that the companions of his son were tortured by the police to testify in their favor.

“They hit me, what did you do? What did you declare? What they wanted, they made me sign and so so ”, he added and assuring that these people are willing to change their statement.


After the strange death of the actor Octavio Ocana, the Mexican president, López Obrador, assured that he will take action on the matter in order to clarify what happened on the day of the accident. He said he will agree to the family’s request to get to the truth.

“In this of the young man who lost his life, you have to see the causes. I found out that the father asked us to intervene, we are going to do it. I gave instructions to the Secretary of the Interior to communicate with the family, with the father of the young man and to review the whole case “commented AMLO in his morning conference.

“In any case, we are going to participate, being respectful of the initial investigations that have been carried out in the State of Mexico. There is a good relationship with the governor of the State of Mexico so we are not going to have any problems “added.

(Photo: EFE / José Méndez / Archive and Instagram / @ octavioocaa)
(Photo: EFE / José Méndez / Archive and Instagram / @ octavioocaa)


According to the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office, Octavian he was shot accidentally during a police chase. After this tense moment, the 22-year-old Mexican actor would have lost the direction of his vehicle, which crashed into a wall in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

“The opinion of the mechanics of the facts refers that during his flight the driver lost control, left the asphalt tape and hit his right front part; at this time and as a result of the dynamics of this mishap, the driver presumably triggered the firearm that he carried in his right hand “, Add.

Likewise, the report details that Ocaña had consumed alcohol and marijuana before the fatal accident that cost him his life.

“The toxicology report made on the deceased person determined positive for alcohol, with the presence of ethanol above the cut-off point (80mg / ml), with a concentration of 143 / mg / dl; likewise, it resulted in the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol above the cut-off point (50ng / ml), which was greater than 100ng / ml “, argues the Prosecutor’s Office.


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Octavio Ocaña’s mother breaks her silence: “Kill me, please kill me”