Octavio Ocaña’s sister clarifies if the deceased actor had an unrecognized son: asks to be “left alone”

Bertha Ocaña, sister of the deceased Octavio Ocana, presented an energetic message with which he demanded “to leave the memory in peace” of the Neighbors actor.

This he did in the wake of a series of speculations that the 22-year-old artist left a alleged unrecognized son that it got before dying suddenly on October 29 after a police persecution in the State of Mexico.

Did Octavio Ocaña have a son before he died?

During the last days, in some media and on social networks the version began to circulate that Octavio Ocaña had a presumed son. Everything was as a result of some photos published by his ex, Georgina ‘Yoyis’ García, with whom the actor ended a love relationship last January.

The young woman posted images of the baby she had last October on her Instagram account. Immediately, some fans began to comment that the boy had a strong resemblance to the late actor. There were those who awarded him paternity and others asked García to clarify who the father was.

The child’s mother was silent for a few days, while the supposed paternity of Octavio Ocaña made news in some media. Given this, the actor’s sister took action on the matter with a message that she published on her Instagram stories on the night of Sunday, November 21.

“My brother he had no children and enough is enough! It is really outrageous that for wanting to get a note of gossip or morbid, they get hooked on this kind of thing, “wrote Bertha Ocaña,” we don’t have to be clarifying this kind of thing. “

“This girl who uploaded photos with him to get attention he had years of being separated from our lives. Already leave your memory alone. It is not possible that because they are a public figure they continue to want to take a note and invent things in their life that are not real, “he concluded.

Octavio Ocaña’s ex clarifies if his baby is the actor’s son

After this message, Georgina ‘Yoyis’ García clarified the controversy through a series of responses that she gave at dawn on Monday, November 22, after several days in which some of her followers asked her to clarify. if the actor was the father of his child.

It’s silly Let them say that my baby is Octavio’s, when Octavio and I broke up a long time ago, make it clear to them that not his son! “he wrote in a reply.

In another he insisted: ” Your family knows the truthThey know that he is not Octavio’s son and I think they would be the only ones who would have to give explanations! “The young woman has not clarified whether the child is the son of her current partner, Alejandro Vela.

‘Yoyis’ García has published some messages in memory of Octavio Ocaña, whom he described as the one who “he was always the best” and “the best person, the best actor, the happiest boy, a boy with a huge heart, a heart full of love.” He also has exposed photos with him that portray part of the sentimental relationship they had.

Son of Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée considered him as a father

With Godínez got engaged last June. Before the romance began, she was already the mother of a boy, André, 4, the product of a previous relationship.

After the actor’s death, she mentioned to the media in Mexico that the minor considered the artist as a father and that even she called him “Papa ‘Tavito'”.


On Nerea Godínez’s Instagram account, that deactivated last weekend in the middle of a wave of attacks and criticism who question her for her reaction to the tragedy, there were photos and videos that showed the apparent good relationship that existed between her son and her fiancé.

In fact, a week before his sudden death, he accompanied them to the Alameda Central in Mexico City where they tried to teach the boy to skate, according to a video published by Nerea Godínez.

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Octavio Ocaña’s sister clarifies if the deceased actor had an unrecognized son: asks to be “left alone”