Olga Tañón slaps Adamari López with a white glove, after balking her with her surgery

The Puerto Rican singer, Olga Tañón, did not remain silent and slapped with a white glove Adamari Lopez, after balking her with her cosmetic surgery, which supposedly the host of Today It was done to lose weight so drastically, despite the fact that he assured that it had been through a diet and a lot of exercise, as part of a challenge that he had done for several months.

The scandal was imminent, and after Olga Tañón said Adamari Lopez The gastric balloon had been done, although accompanying it with a drastic change in her lifestyle, many criticisms reached the spoiled little girl on television, who did not take long to respond to the singer’s remarks.

Very in her style, the actress of the soap opera Friends and rivals Y wild cat, published a TikTok video a few days ago on his Instagram account, in which a pretty relaxed dancer appears, precisely a song by Olga Tañón, The way I am, with which he sends a clear hint.

“Let them say what they want about me, you don’t think they talk about me. Let them say what they want about me. That’s why I live like crazy, dance like crazy, jump like crazy, if I’m really crazy “, says the lyrics of the song, which was taken as an answer to Olga.

Before that, Olga Tañón, who assured that he never wanted to cause annoyance to anyone, published his position on Instagram, noting that a simple comment he made in order to highlight his contempt for some people went out of context, apologizing to those who might have been injured, in this case Adamari Lopez.

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However, the actress and host originally from Humacao, Puerto RicoHe did not remove his finger from the line and published a tiktok, in which he observes how something falls from the heights, to the ground, writing about it “when the person you had on a pedestal falls.”

Olga Tañón slaps Adamari with a white glove

As expected, the interpreter of Enough already, did not remain silent, and through a video, everything seems to indicate that he responded to the counterattacks of Adamari Lopez, with a strong and forceful message.

“For everyone who wants to listen to me: if you have four problems with me, I will tell you one so that you can solve them, get out of my life and you have already solved the others,” he said.

Immediately, the comments and reactions of the Internet users did not stop raining, ensuring that it was a very clear hint for Adamari LopezWell, it seems that they can no longer be seen even in painting.

“Adamari, there they talk to you”, “Directly to Adamari”, “Virgin of the hill. Also famous ones like drama “,” Wow, of course not even the rooster crows eh “,” Wowww that cachetononon “,” I love you Olga, Admari is a liar “,” Message directed to the one who looks like a bratz doll. Big head and little body. The q, according to exercise, lost weight ”, were some of the messages that Internet users wrote.

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Olga Tañón slaps Adamari López with a white glove, after balking her with her surgery