Olga Tañón told in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ how she lost 50 pounds after hitting rock bottom

Olga Tañón underwent a bariatric operation.

Olga Tañón underwent a bariatric operation.

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Olga Tañón counted this morning in ‘Wake up America on Sunday’ how he already lost 50 pounds with bariatric surgery, before living a physical, mental and emotional ordeal when you reach almost 200 pounds and wear a size 16.

In an exclusive interview with Marie Antoinette Collins, who unknowingly became the first sign of his solution to a healthy life, and then his great support these months, ‘La Mujer de Fuego’ shared with the public that, after hitting rock bottom with being overweight, she underwent bariatric surgery, a gastric by pass, in June of this year.

These two years of pandemic I ate it all … I have removed my implants, I have had lipo, but whoever gets fat with food loses everything, that is the stomach, if you do not stop eating, and I ate as a troquera ”, Olga confessed to María Antonieta, in an intimate chat at the singer’s house, where the journalist went for this exclusive.

Olga, I started the day by eating 5 fried eggs … Suddenly he found himself buying sweets and chocolates that he ate secretly… “I did it like a car destroying myself, I ate it and almost finished it or in the middle I put it in the trash can (garbage), then if I went to the bathroom, I tried to return itI couldn’t and I said no: this is not me ”, he confessed.

But beyond the pandemic, the confinement, or their appetites, Olga confessed that a sentimental situation led her, perhaps, to self-destruct. The kidnapping that starred his mother, when they drugged her and the thieves took him through all the banks to empty her accounts.

She was silent for three days and perhaps with all that she lived through, the doctors who said that her kidneys were dehydrated, she had diabetes too“, Explained Tañón, is that three months later his mother died.

The Fire Woman explained that she felt she was hitting rock bottom, started looking for a solution on the internet, and came across the videos of Marie Antoinette Collins when she had her bariatric surgery, which led her to regain her health, and together with her perseverance and discipline, to be her best version.

That is how both reported that they communicated, and MAC began to be their advisor, their support and his partner at a distance when that June 11, 2021, Tañón entered the operating room that helped her not only lose more than 50 pounds of the 90 she had gained, but also her health.

“My hands began to deflate … People do not have to be ashamed, it is a personal decision,” he told MAC, referring to other colleagues and celebrities who undergo the same type of operation but hide them.

He also spoke of the comments that arise when someone undergoes this type of surgery: “’This one was operated, of course it is easy ‘… No, it is not easy“. She herself explained that on some occasion she tried to eat more than necessary, and the pain was so acute that she understood that discipline is the only ally of this type of procedure.

About to premiere a special that he did about the Gran Combo, and that will be seen on his facebook page, Olga Tañón He left this message for the viewers of ‘Despierta América en Domingo’: “I rescued what I always was before a person who let himself go“.



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Olga Tañón told in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ how she lost 50 pounds after hitting rock bottom