Omar Franco ‘Ruperto’ already has a new car. This is how he received the gift at El show de Carlucho

The Cuban humorist Omar Franco is already on a motorized tour of Miami. “Ruperto” received a 2022 car as a gift in Carlucho’s show, where he began working three months after his arrival from Cuba in July of last year.

The car issue began in November when, in one of the sketches, “Ruperto” dropped Carlucho, as if he didn’t want the thing, who was already taking classes to learn how to drive. Carlucho then commented that he felt pressured because people on the street asked him when Ruperto’s car would arrive.

At the time the humorist Andy Vázquez Facundo” also received a car as a gift in The Carlucho show, which he joined shortly after staying in Miami. Vazquez left the show beginning in 2022 to embark on a new career path.

Carlucho kept his promise to give Ruperto a new car

the hour of new car arrived for “Ruperto” last week, when in the set of the program gave him a Hyundai sedan car of the year.

But the delivery was not so easy, because the former member of the Cuban television humorous program Live the story he joked earlier about how difficult it had been to get to the studio “because of how bad the transportation was.” and there he continued his humorous routine increasing the suspense of the public who wanted to see the gift.

“I search and look and I don’t see anything,” Franco said.

Faced with the complaints, Carlucho told him that everything was very difficult: “Sometimes one promises things… we are experiencing hard times,” he said.

“Ruperto” was not convinced and demanded that he keep his promise. “Not the tooth, the things that are written in stone are the ones that remain,” he said.

All this exchange took place in front of Braman Honda’s envoy, in charge of delivering the gift, to whom “Ruperto said: “what he does is sell, but what I need is that they give me a gift”.

Miami car dealer sponsors The carlucho show and it is the same where Iván Herrera worked before founding UniVista Insurance.

Women’s humor in El show de Carlucho

for several weeks joined The carlucho show the humorist and actress Gelliset Valdés, which arrived in Miami in December and brings fresh the popularity of its characters “Beruco” and the guajira “Felipa”, born in comedy programs in Cuba such as kicking the can Y Another with that story.

Omar Franco ‘Ruperto’ drives around Miami in a new car, a gift he received on ‘El show de Carlucho’.

Valdés came with his partner, director Delso Aquino, who directed kicking the can Carlucho then announced that UniVista TV will make a Miami version of this program.

Besides Frank, The carlucho show It has in its cast the comedians Carlos “Pillín” Marrero, Rodney Jiménez and Nelson Gudín, “El Bacán.

UniVista TV, which began more than two years ago, already has 447,000 subscribers.

This story was originally published on January 18, 2022 6:23 p.m.

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Omar Franco ‘Ruperto’ already has a new car. This is how he received the gift at El show de Carlucho