“On the brink of collapse”, Edén Muñoz tells that her newborn son “clings to life”

Edén Muñoz shared on social networks the difficult time she is going through, on October 27, she reported that her little son Matías, who was just born on September 30, is in intensive care.

A day later, Paloma Llanes, wife of the Caliber 50 vocalist, revealed that her baby has been hospitalized since Tuesday 26 and was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia.

Eden Muñoz’s wife reveals the diagnosis of her baby who is in intensive care

The recent medical report of Matías

On the morning of this Friday 29, Edén detailed in a new statement published on Instagram that her son’s condition “it’s bad”, Nevertheless, “is stable”.

“I would love to be able to tell you this in a video, but it betrays my sensitivity. I break easily and it is impossible for me, so I write … Hard days, heartbreak and everything you can imagine “, read at the beginning of his message.

Matías’s diagnosis is serious, but bless God within that context is stable. The evolution is slow but favorable. “The singer acknowledged that his son, barely 20 days old, “clings with all his might to life”.

The singer pointed out that his son’s health improves slowly: “Matías energetically asks for food every 3 hours, the probe helps him not to agitate and that his saturation remains controlled, he has gained weight, almost 40 grams per day (1.4 ounces) and converts it in a ‘boy’ every day “.

The presence of the family

Edén Muñoz shared that the family has been present in the face of the difficult situation: “At the hospital they let us carry him and the arms of mother, Paloma Llanes, especially keep him calm. His brother (Emilio) greets him by video call and tells him to he waits to sing to him and lend him his toys. “

The Mexican regional interpreter also thanked the medical attention and assured that his son is in the best hands.

Eden Muñoz’s son, who is almost a month old, is hospitalized in an emergency

The artist reiterated his gratitude for the expressions of affection and asked for prayers for the speedy recovery of his little one.

“I am not usually one of the people who ask for help, my nature is to give it, I feel comfortable there, but this time on the brink of collapse and in an act of humility I raised my hand and asked them to please a prayer for Matías because I felt that we needed more, a little push of faith “.

“Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the expressions of affection and support, and believe it or not him too. Thank you all with all my heart, thank you for taking the time. For the masses, the candles, the personal prayers, the orders and everything they do for us. It really adds up and a lot. “

Finally, the singer informed that he will comply with his work commitments and announced that he traveled to Memphis to perform with Caliber 50. “Today I go out to my natural refuge, the music because I know it will be fine and me, too. I leave it in the best hands, of the doctors and of God. With love, Eden “.

On April 2, Edén Muñoz and his wife Paloma Llanes announced through Instagram that they were expecting a child: “If you have a family that loves you, food on the table and a place to live, you are richer than you imagine. With much love I share with you that the Muñoz Llanes are now going to be 4 with God’s favor. your bets, “wrote the singer. 12 days later they shared on the same social network as they would have a child.

The happy couple published pictures of the pregnancy, until on September 30 they announced that they were already in the hospital and on October 1 they showed a fragment of the delivery to welcome Matías.

Through Instagram, father and mother have not stopped posting photos and videos of the child, even in these difficult times.

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“On the brink of collapse”, Edén Muñoz tells that her newborn son “clings to life”