On video Jennifer Lopez would be conquered by William Levy


Something that surely not many people would expect is that Jennifer Lopez were conquered by someone just by appearing in a video, that person exists and is the handsome Cuban William Levy.

Surely you already know that Levy is currently starring in the new soap opera “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”, his name is known in several countries and especially his physique, the Cuban actor being one of the most famous in Latin America.

This Colombian soap opera has become a success, all thanks to the fact that it is now included in the catalog of the Netflix platform, the Telemundo project stars Carmen Villalobos and Laura Londoño in addition to Levy.

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Curiously, the actor is the one who has stolen the gazes of the users of the platform and in 2011 when William and Jennifer Lopez Both stars of entertainment met, so he also managed to steal the breath of the beautiful Diva from the Bronxs.

Jennifer Lopez is part of the women bewitched by William Levy | AFP

In that year, the popularity of the soap opera heartthrob was known not only in Latin America, but also in the United States, so his popularity reached JLo’s eyes and ears, so much so that she decided to collaborate with him.

William Levy appeared in Lopez’s official video “I’m into you”, the video was recorded on the beautiful beaches of Mexico, more specifically in Xcacel in the beautiful Riviera Maya and also in Yucatan, in the Chichen Itza pyramid.

In his video, the handsome actor appears next to this beautiful pop music celebrity, accompanying her on the beach. Best of all, this heartthrob appears shirtless, showing off his pecs and the results of the gym.


Shortly after the video was recorded, the images in which they appeared together immediately became a trend and that is that they both had an excellent chemistry between the two, seeing them together was something comforting for certain people because of how good they looked together.

In addition to being an actor Levy is also a renowned model, in an interview he stated that having collaborated with Jennifer Lopez he was just charming, especially since he has quite a nice and humble personality.

10 years ago Jennifer Lopez’s official video was shared on her YouTube channel, she also sang the melody alongside rapper Lil Wayne and her video has more than 319 million views to date, surely when you see it you will understand why what.

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On video Jennifer Lopez would be conquered by William Levy