Oscars 2022: Five box movies you have to see

Trends like punches come and go in a constant exchange, but what history has shown is that like boxing, movies with a narrative of violence and blood above and below the ring are here to stay.

Boxing and cinematography They have been in constant communion for several decades. Unlike action, sci-fi, or animated movies, boxing movies don’t try to appeal to our thirst for novelty: new premises or special effects, revolutionary theories about the universe, or more unimaginable monsters. In boxing the same characters are kept without having to add any element because the sport is still the same as our grandparents saw.

No matter what the latest boxing movie is, it always pays homage to its predecessors like a chain back to the past.or, like boxing when you analyze that Floyd Mayweather Jr. he defeated Manny Pacquiao who in turn defeated Óscar de la Hoya who once defeated Julio César Chavez who knocked out Azabache Martínez.

The virtues of the boxer (endurance, focus, skill with the hands, the willingness to risk it all) are the virtues of both workers. Boxing demands not only savagery and endurance, but also lightness, a certain smoothness of movement like artists.

With the 2022 Oscars celebration upon us, we bring you the top five boxing movies


There is no movie that has a greater association with boxing than Rocky. Sylvester Stallone will always be remembered for this film that portrays the story of Rocky Balboa, a fighter with limited technique but who won hearts by delivering himself above and below the ring. A Hollywood classic that gave life to a saga that includes the story of the son of the great champion, Apollo Creed.

2.Raging Bull

Not much to say: The story of Jake La Motta, who was destroyed by jealousy and self-hatred, comes to life through the best performance of Robert DeNiro

3.Cinderella Man

The inspiring story of James Braddock. A boxer who during the great depression fought against poverty and gave his family better opportunities, risking his life.

4. Million Dollar Baby

One of the best films directed by Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby packs a punch in large part due to Hillary Swank’s role as Maggie Fitzgerald, a waitress turned boxer.

5. The Champ

A film that, regardless of the time, places us in the love that a son can have for his father. A failed boxer looking to come back to get money and gain custody of his son.

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Oscars 2022: Five box movies you have to see