Osvaldo Ríos mourning death actor director Dean Zayas

  • A sad news in the entertainment world
  • The actor Osvaldo Ríos reported on the death of Dean Zayas
  • The renowned Puerto Rican theater director and actor died at the age of 83 without further details of his death being released so far.

The bad news continues in the world of entertainment, because now the news of the sensitive death of the renowned Puerto Rican theater director and actor Dean Zayas, who died at 83 years of age without more details of his death, was released. death. Also an actor Osvaldo Ríos was one of the first to react to this news.

Through their social networksthe histrión, who is remembered for his participation in soap operas such as Kassandra, La viuda de Blanco and Hug me very strong, in addition to having had an affair with the Colombian singer Shakiradespite the age difference, dedicated an emotional message to Dean.

“Rest in peace, master Zayas”: Osvaldo Ríos

"Rest in peace master Zayas": Osvaldo Rios
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“Master Dean Zayas has passed away. My condolences and my deepest condolences to his family and friends. Thank you for your teachings and for instilling in me respect for the acting profession. Rest in peace, Master Zayas, my eternal applause and gratitude to you… fly high!”, expressed Osvaldo Ríos.

Immediately, the model and singer also received the support of his followers in this difficult time, so he wrote another message to thank all the love received: “Thank you all for your messages and condolences! I love you so much”. In October 2016, Dean Zayas received an honorary Doctorate of Letters and Arts from his native Puerto Rico. Rest in peace.

Osvaldo Ríos, don’t you accept your age?

Osvaldo Ríos, don't you accept your age?
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Days before he reported on the departure of the Puerto Rican theater director and actor Dean Zayas, the actor Osvaldo Ríos shared a publication where it is observed how they are making some arrangements for him. Born on October 25, 1960 in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Osvaldo has always stood out for being a true ‘year swallower’.

It should be remembered that in 2016 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a disease that he managed to overcome and that brought him many lessons: “At first, when they talk to you about that word (cancer), one is afraid, but somehow I always said: ‘yes God has put everything that I am doing now, how is he going to take me like this suddenly, in the midst of everything that is happening and we are doing,'” the actor said in an interview.

Better than ever

Better than ever
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And as if he had intended to make it clear that he is in excellent physical condition after having overcome prostate cancer, Osvaldo Ríos shared an image in mid-January from the beach showing off his impressive muscles. His fans practically went crazy…

“How beautiful”, “How rich you are, and in a thong for when?”, “What a monument!!! And I’m not referring to the landscape… Beautiful combination”, “Handsome, you look like wine”, “Handsome to the fullest”, “Blessed beautiful baby”, “So handsome”, “You look gorgeous”, “You look very good”, Bella combination: a beautiful man in a paradisiacal landscape”.

Like Osvaldo Ríos, they express their condolences for the death of Dean Zayas

Like Osvaldo Ríos, they express their condolences for the death of Dean Zayas
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But not only Osvaldo Ríos reacted to the death of the Puerto Rican theater director and actor Dean Zayas, but also different personalities from entertainment, including the opera singer Zuly López, who said goodbye as follows:

“Rest in peace Master Dean Zayas. One of the best experiences and honors of my life has been being directed by you in the Puerto Rican opera Los Jíbaros Progresistas, so much so that I quote you daily in my singing classes. My heart is broken. Thank you for serving your country, your university and the careers of so many artists from your land”.

“Thank you for so much, beloved teacher!”

"Thank you for so much, beloved teacher!"
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For his part, the actor Omarjadhir Flores also used his social networks to say goodbye to Dean Zayas: “A month ago I was writing you a letter to send you by email, thanking you for everything you taught me and what you did for me. I kept it with me to correct some errors. My biggest mistake was not sending it as is. I was left wanting to tell you how much you mean to me.”

“The legacy that you have left to Puerto Rican theater has been immense and I hope that future generations know how to treasure, respect and value it. My heart is broken and I feel a deep sadness. You will always be an inspiration to me. You were a fundamental piece in my training as an actor and producer.”

“No one ever got here earlier than Dean”

"No one ever got here earlier than Dean"
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According to information from the portal El Nuevo Día, Dean Zayas was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, on October 17, 1937 and from an early age showed an interest in the performing arts, which led him to study at the University of Puerto Rico and various academic institutions in New York City, in the United States.

Upon his return to his native Puerto Rico, he joined the faculty of the UPR Department of Drama, where he took on multiple assignments, including, eventually, the direction of the Department and the direction of the many times award-winning Teatro Rodante, cradle of countless talents. that today adorn the stages and screens of movies and television in Puerto Rico and the world, among them the actor Osvaldo Ríos.

“I will always remember you”, the farewells continue for Dean Zayas

"I will always remember you"the goodbyes continue for Dean Zayas
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Finally, we share the emotional farewell message that the actress and influencer Nashali Enchautegui dedicated to the Puerto Rican theater director and actor Dean Zayas on her official Instagram account: “My teacher, you contributed a lot to my life… you were the best mentor and director. that I had”.

“Between laughter, tears and a lot of emotion I will remember you for your great teaching! I had the opportunity to tell you many times and that fills my heart with joy. I already see you entering heaven, looking at everything as a stage, a strong light lighting the way and lots of applause marking your soul! I will always remember you, forever your chacha… Rest in peace”.

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