Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk: these are the photos of the actors’ secret wedding

How did Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk get married? The actors have been a couple for seven years and were married on September 22 in a very intimate ceremony. The protagonist of the Turkish soap opera “”(“ Kadin ”) wore a dress when she was six months pregnant. Despite the fact that the now married couple did not publish images on their social networks, the photographs of their secret wedding have appeared on the network.

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and Burak Yamantürk They are expecting their first daughter, so they decided to advance their wishes to join in marriage, according to Turkish media. Therefore, in a way private, they celebrated their marriage with 20 people in Bozburun, Marmaris, a coastal city in southwestern Turkey.

“I am not going to have a wedding party while I am pregnant. Of course, marriage would be easy before birth, but no one should expect anything fun from me when I am pregnant. I can’t sit down while everyone else is having fun at the wedding. “, he told the Turkish media Milliyet.

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The actress He keeps his personal life a secret, although he has told some details when asked by the press and his followers. She gave the news that she was pregnant and uploaded a Photography in your personal account Instagram with its prominent abdomen.

Bahar and Raif in the latest episode of “Kadin”. (Photo: MF Yapim)


The news of the wedding between Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk was known thanks to the publication of a photograph of the actress’s friend, Tanem sivar. She uploaded a snapshot on her Instagram account, which confirmed the rumors of a wedding between the TV stars.

Sivar was the witness to the marriage for being the closest person that the Bahar of “Kadin” has in his friendly environment. She, in her publication, told him that she loved her and congratulated her on the step she was taking to start her family with her partner and her daughter who is on the way.

In this way, it was known that the already married couple had decided to say yes at the altar before the arrival of their baby. From the images and information on Turkish portals, it was learned that the wedding would have been with no more than 20 people and following all the cares for him coronavirus.

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Özge Özpirinçci She surprised her followers around the world by telling that she was pregnant in June 2021. The artist said that she was looking forward to the arrival of her daughter and that she would take time to take care of her, staying away from acting for at least two years.

The television star, in this way, will rest from the screens and she will dedicate herself full time to her little girl, as a result of her relationship with Burak Yamantürk.


The Turkish actress has pointed out in an interview with “Hürryet” that she has thought of the name of Üzüm, whose meaning is grape in Turkish, for your daughter on the way. However, he said he has received a lot of resistance for this idea.

Everybody keeps telling me ‘don’t do this to your daughter Özge’, but I think it’s a good name. Also, Üzüm Yamantürk sounds good. I definitely got a negative vote for this name. I think I will secretly call my daughter Üzum “he told the aforementioned magazine.

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Özge Özpirinçci and Burak Yamantürk: these are the photos of the actors’ secret wedding