Pablo Montero has contracts and projects canceled after attending Nicolás Maduro’s birthday

Pablo Montero it is found in a complicated moment, after having traveled to Venezuela to entertain the party of Nicolás Maduro’s birthday, president of the South American country.

Mariana Gutiérrez, the singer’s lawyer, explained that the Mexican made the decision to attend without consulting you with his work team, which brought him strong consequences, such as the cancellation of projects, presentations and his label is analyzing the decision they will make in this regard.

“Cancellations of contracts and events have already begun for this issue, and as it is a matter of international policy, Well, there have been certain consequences in this regard […] Especially for the United States that we know considerably that it takes quite drastic measures in this regard due to the arrest warrants and the issue of extradition that Mr. President Maduro has, “explained the singer’s legal advisor on the program ‘First hand’.

Pablo made the decision without consulting him

The lawyer noted that the artist said it would take a few days to travel with your daughters on a cruise, so no one found out about the work plans I had.

“He handled it with great discretion, he did not tell us anything about it […] We had no knowledge until now and well, let’s see how they are going to handle […] He told us all that he was going to see his pretty girls And that’s why I say that he handled it with all discretion, we really all had that idea that he was traveling with his daughters. “

Pablo Montero’s intention

Mariana Gutiérrez assured that Montero agreed to attend the event with the intention of promote Mexican music in other countries.

“The only interest that Mr. Montero has always had is represent Mexican ranchero music in the world And for people to know and enjoy it, he really didn’t do it with any bad faith intent or something. “

“He is a man who is very charismatic every time he does his job, he tries to do it in the best way and to entertain, but hey, obviously he is a quite complicated character worldwide and internationally,” he added that other Mexican singers also They were part of the cast that celebrated the president, although he did not reveal names.

Pablo Montero ignites the controversy for singing and giving a gift to Nicolás Maduro on his birthday

How is Pablo Montero?

The lawyer pointed out that the interpreter of ‘Mi piquito de oro’ is “super worried” for the public and the contracts, since the only thing he wanted was “to represent Mexican music abroad and that it be heard more and more, and therefore to do professional work issues.”

Mariana Gutiérrez added that they are working to resolve the situation in which they find themselves: “We will try to do the best possible for him and be able to support him,” he concluded in ‘First hand’.

The actor and singer received strong criticism for attending the event. Some network users expressed messages such as: “What Nicolás Maduro paid you for your show was used to equip hospitals with medicines”, “Surely you are a narco singer who helps to launder more money from your mature friend with fame. good tactic! What a disappointment “,” As long as an entire town does not eat, you are taking the money that a communist dictator has stolen from the people of Venezuela. You are an accomplice. “

The interpreter of ‘Wild Cat’ responded to the strong accusations through a statement.

“With regard to my participation in the Miraflores Palace in Venezuela, where other singers were also present during an event by President Nicolás Maduro, I tell you that as an artist I have no party or flag more than Mexican music that is universal, in addition to the mariachi of Mexico is a cultural heritage of humanity“, it reads at the beginning.

I do not meddle in conflicts that in this case they can exist in that brother country, I only hope that they can soon resolve them in peace, because of the love I have for Venezuela. I appreciate your interest in the matter and we will continue working, after very difficult times for everyone, “he concluded.

Nicolás Maduro’s birthday

The Venezuelan president celebrated his 59th birthday with a series of televised events. Local artists such as Cristóbal Jiménez, Rey Armas and Luis Lozada enlivened the celebration. Pablo Montero sang with a mariachi from the South American country of Barquisimeto.

At the end of his presentation, the Mexican presented his charro hat to the president: “You are so young that I can tell you about you, Nicolás, I give you this hat, it is mine, with much affection and you have the penny, “he said.

Maduro shared some photos with Montero accompanied by the following message: “With much love I received the Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero at the Miraflores Palace. Thank you for bringing us the strength of Mexico and sing these songs for me and all the Venezuelan people. The doors of Venezuela will always be open to you, Pablo, “read on Twitter.

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Pablo Montero has contracts and projects canceled after attending Nicolás Maduro’s birthday