Pampita shared a post by Ana and her brothers and surprised the baby’s resemblance to Blanquita

Pampita with little Ana (Instagram)
Pampita with little Ana (Instagram)

At just four and a half months old, Ana already has its own Instagram. The daughter of Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Roberto García Moritan has more than 174 thousand followers on that social network that, For obvious reasons, he drives his famous mom. And he does not stop touching everyone with his posts. However, this weekend she surprised by sharing a very particular publication, in which an account dedicated to the baby showed the little girl’s resemblance to all her siblings.

Through her stories, the model reposted a photo collage made by an account called @minipampigm, in which Ana was compared to White, Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio, the children that Pampita had during his relationship with Benjamin Vicuña. And his resemblance to Dolphin and Santino, the adolescents that García Moritán has from his marriage to Milagros Britos.

Who do you think Ana is looking more like? I find that she is very similar to all her brothers, but Blanca and Bauti“Said the post of the fans of the daughter of Pampita, which model decided to share on her baby’s official account, @anagarciamoritan. And, although she did not comment on it, everyone was surprised to see that the little girl has the same features as the daughter she had with the Chilean heartthrob and who died when she was just 6 years old.

The publication that Pampita shared on her daughter's account
The publication that Pampita shared on her daughter’s account

It should be remembered that Pampita He had to face the greatest pain that a person can go through when his daughter Blanquita, who would be 15 years old today, died on September 8, 2012 after contracting a bacterium during a family trip to Cancun. From that moment on, both the model and her ex and the girl’s father had to learn to live with her absence and her permanent memory.

How did she and Vicuña cope after such a loss? “How we do … it is something of always and there is no formula, It is something so private and painful that I can talk about it with someone who went through the same thing, but if not it is very difficult to explain to another, and it is used a lot to headline and I do not like it, I try not to throw too much, over time I was able to encourage myself to upload a photo or video”, the model had confessed in an interview with Angel de Brito.

And he explained the reason why he decided to collaborate in the construction of a square in honor of the little girl to commemorate his last birthday. “I wanted a nice souvenir for the kids, transform it into something nice, a donation and make it tangible for the children, I didn’t know who to donate the square to And a friend, two days after I told her about it, went to Pilar and saw a Chilean nun asking to fix the square and we got a super game that another friend knew about the dealer, and it was as a sign that that was what we had what to do, “he said.

Today, although every anniversary related to Blanquita fills her with anguish, Pampita enjoy the new family that he managed to join together with García Moritán and their children, and that was crowned with love with the arrival of Ana, the couple’s first daughter, who was born on July 22.


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Pampita shared a post by Ana and her brothers and surprised the baby’s resemblance to Blanquita