Pampita told why she invited Benjamín Vicuña to her birthday and revealed if she really managed to forgive him

Pampita referred to her relationship with Vicuña and revealed if she could forgive him

At a party full of gifts, surprises, glamor and lots of dancing, Pampita celebrated the arrival of 44 years in a restaurant on the Costanera. She did it with her husband Roberto Garcia Moritan -who also celebrated because his birthday was one day after the model-; and his sons, Baptist, Beltran, Benicio Y Ana. The celebration took place in January, a renowned restaurant on the Costanera, where the model wore a stunning black dress to the body, with a maxi cut and high sandals to match.

Among the guests were his closest affections, his brother Guillermo, the children that Moritán had with Milagros Brito, Santino Y dolphin,and dozens of very dear friends, including former Chilean soccer player, Iván Zamorano. But without a doubt there was a special guest who is no longer surprising but his presence at events that have nothing to do with the children they had together is still striking: Benjamin Vicuna. Because it’s one thing for him to attend the boys’ birthdays, even Anita’s baptism, and another thing for him to go to his ex’s birthday.

Although they have already made it clear in other meetings that there is a good vibe between them -especially since the Chilean separated from Eugenia The China Suarez-, his presence does not stop taking all eyes. The actor -who has just whitewashed his relationship with a friend of Pampita, Eli Sulichín- He arrived just minutes before the end of the day, when Pampita was about to blow out the candles, with three gifts. It is that after twelve, it was already the birthday of Moritán and Zamorano – close friend of Vicuña and godfather of the youngest son – and both became the protagonists of the festivities.

Vicuña arrives at Pampita's birthday
Vicuña arrives at Pampita’s birthday

It was at a moment of the celebration in which Pampita went out to greet the press that she decided to break the silence and refer to the bond with her ex. “Do you have any pending subject or any issue that you have to close?”, asked Rafa Juri, chronicler of intruders. The model gave a forceful answer: “No, Luckily I didn’t have any backpack left, or anything”.

I also didn’t have any talk left that I haven’t had, I didn’t have people left to talk. They have forgiven me, I have forgiven, luckily I am very light in life”, sentenced the driver of pampas online, that while the party was going on a team was recording everything for the second season of their reality show, Being Pampita. “Did Benjamin greet you?” he wanted to know. “Of course he greeted me, we talk every day for the boys, so yes, he greeted me,” she answered very calmly.

Pampita and Benjamin were together for ten years and had four children
Pampita and Benjamin were together for ten years and had four children

The journalist also wanted to know if he made wishes when blowing out the candles. “I don’t know if I can ask for something more, I can thank”, she replied, clarifying that she felt fulfilled and happy on her birthday.

Thus, the businesswoman reflected: “To ask would be a lot, I have so much, I am surrounded by so much love, I can do the work I like, we are all in good health, we love each other very much, there are no more things to ask for. The first thing is the family, that’s why we’re all together, it’s what I want to leave my children and luckily we’re all fine”.

Some time ago, Pampita and Vicuña had crossed paths for the first time in a public event and they had to talk. Smiles and a lot of nervousness. As soon as they crossed paths, the wave between them was notorious: kisses, hugs and a lot of complicit talk. “I haven’t seen Carolina for years with that smile and he was funny, although a little nervous,” commented a person who attended the event.

Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña together at an event
Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña together at an event

Yanina Latorre had said that Benjamín was worried in the previous one: “He arrived later and the first thing he did was ask about Pampita. ‘She already arrived? What nerves’ ‘Has Carolina already arrived? Now they’re all going to be behind us, what nerves!’”. For her part, the model and host, more accustomed to facing the press, handled it more naturally. Now the meetings are already common currency.


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Pampita told why she invited Benjamín Vicuña to her birthday and revealed if she really managed to forgive him