Pampita traveled with her family to Punta Cana and was happy enjoying the sea

Pampita enjoyed the sea of ​​Punta Cana

In just a few days, Carolina pampita ardohean will be debuting in front of The Hotel of the Famous, a reality show that he will lead with Leander The Chinese Leunis through the screen of ElTrece. And, to start her working year with all the energy, she decided to go on vacation to Punta Cana with her husband, Roberto Garcia Moritan, Ana, their baby girl, and Baptist, Beltran Y Benicio, the three children he had as a result of his partner with Benjamin Vicuna.

The model had already been enjoying a few days on the beach in Punta del Este, where his ex took the opportunity to whiten his courtship with her friend Eli Sulichin, relationship to which she gave her approval. But, like every summer, pampita He also wanted to go swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean. And so he did. Of course, unlike previous years, where his obligatory destination was Mexico, this time he decided to go to the same hotel complex where he always stays but in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to sharing images to promote the place, the model uploaded to her stories of Instagram a video in which she is seen happy with life in the sea. And he also reposted a recording with his sister-in-law, Malena Zermoglio, partner of his brother, William Ardohain, who were also in the game. This time, they did not join the trip dolphin Y Santino, the children that García Moritán had from his relationship with Miracles Brito. But they would have been accompanied by the cameras of Being Pampita, the reality show about Carolina’s life that is already filming its second season for Parmount+.

Pampita traveled with her family to Punta Cana

If everything goes as stipulated, pampita He would start with his new driving project on February 28. In principle, there would be 16 figures that will be inside the glamorous hotel that will host the reality show on the Constitución channel. What are the names that are being considered? Alex Caniggia, Rodrigo Noya, Silvina Luna, singer Militta Bora, Leo Garcia, Walter Queijeiro, Sabrina Carballo, the former footballer Maximilian The Chanchi Estevez, Majo Martino, Kate Rodriguez, the actor Imanol Rodriguez, Pato Galvan, the announcer Martin Salwe, the former Bandana Lisa Vera, Melody Light and the fashion producer Matilda White.

Although many details of the dynamics of the program in question were not given, it was learned that the celebrities must remain locked up in a hotel where they must live until the game -or their patience- allows them. The winner or the winner must remain there for a term of four months, which is how long production expects this cycle to last.

But this will be only after pampita come back from your vacation. Although the return of Marcelo Tinelli with ShowMatch, it is assumed that the model will be part of the jury of the cycle as it has been doing for years. And that I would also go ahead with Pampita Online, his Net TV program, in addition to his personal reality show and this new project. Therefore, a busy 2022 awaits you and that is why you are making the most of these last few weeks off before you return to work.


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Pampita traveled with her family to Punta Cana and was happy enjoying the sea