Paola Rojas shows off her abdomen marked with a green ribbed top in Netas Divinas

Like a goddess, the beautiful Mexican journalist, Paola Rojas, she boasts her abdomen marked with a green top in Divine Net. The headline of the newscast On Air with Paola Rojas, appeared on the screen as it rarely does, with a mini garment that revealed her flat stomach and her tiny waist.

Paola Rojas wore his fresh and modern ensemble during the transmission of the Unicable program, Netas Divinas, which leads next to Natalia Tellez, Consuelo Duval and Daniela Magún, in which he took the opportunity to show that at 44 he looks better than ever.

The outfit that the footballer’s ex Luis Roberto Álves Zague she wore, consists of a set of olive green ribbed top and wide pants at the waist, matching a cardigan of the same color, which revealed her toned abdomen and tiny waist, the product of her healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

The journalist Paola Rojas, She combined her flirty, but very formal outfit with zebra animal print stilettos, which complemented her look. With the simplicity that characterizes her, Paola wore her loose and stylized hair and simple and natural makeup.

The host of the Unicable program shared with her fans some photos taken during the program’s cuts, highlighting one in which she posed with actress Karol Sevilla, who was a guest in the most recent broadcast.

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During the broadcast, a graphologist also appeared who described, according to her signature, each and every one of the “netas”, as well as the guest, surprising with her certainty and precision in some aspects of her personality that showed the the way they write.

In the case of Paola Rojas, the expert assured that she is a person who gives priority to work over herself.

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“She is aesthetic, she is creative, she is a perfectionist, she is intelligent, demanding, intuitive, she is clear, she is realistic, she does not like to dream too much or throw herself on the floor, she notices the small details, she communicates perfectly well, and she also knows how to ask. things. She has an extraordinary firmness, she exercises great self-control over herself ”, she described.

This week’s program was previously recorded, because for a few days, the CDMX native has been visiting Dubai, where she attended Expo 2020, an international event that would take place last year, but due to the health contingency it was postponed until now. .

Through his stories on Instagram, Paola Rojas She has shared with her followers her adventures in the United Arab Emirates, such as her obligatory stop at the Mexican pavilion, where she witnessed the arrival of the Cuauhtémoc School Ship, which was received with the song La Bamba, creating an emotional moment that the journalist documented.

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Paola Rojas shows off her abdomen marked with a green ribbed top in Netas Divinas