Parents find ‘Chavita’ after 16 years, their son kidnapped as a baby

According to the Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico (Redim), in the last two years 124 children have been reported. child disappearance cases under 13 years of age, of which 30% have been located.

However, these statistics are not able to describe the pain that parents experience when they see that one of their children is taken away from them.

Wondering if their little ones are safe and sound becomes a constant for them, because those who suffer from this scourge come to imagine the most terrible scenarios in their minds as the days go by. Such was the case with Rosalia Lopez and her husband, Yasir Maciaswho experienced this trauma that only had its end 16 years later.

This bittersweet story began in 2005 when a woman disguised as a nurse in a hospital in Ayala, Mexicothe couple’s newborn son was stolen. Salvador Macias or ‘Chava’as they had begun to call him, was captured right before their eyes.

Under the pretext of taking him out of the room to feed him, the kidnapper disappeared with the newborn in her arms.

An innovative investigation to find his whereabouts

The couple believed that they would never see their son again, but in 2022, the Mexican Police Forces managed to elaborate a Spoken portrait of what Salvador would look like today, almost 17 years after his disappearance.

With the help of state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, authorities began searching for a teenager matching the description.

Although this image was not a sufficient guarantee to give the couple the hope of seeing her son again, everything changed when the same nurse contacted them to give them information about the minor after recently seeing them in an interview with the TV Azteca media outlet in which they reaffirmed continuing their search.

That was how they agreed to meet the informant, but not without first requesting support from the police.

In their conversations, the woman apologized for having kept silent for more than 16 years and gave them photographs of what the boy looked like today. His resemblance to his father, Yasir Macías, and to the spoken portrait prepared by the authorities was impressive.

It was in the colony Zapopan Galaxy, Mexico, where they managed to locate the minor, who was taken to the Jaliscience Institute of Forensic Sciences for a DNA test. This evidenced that the Teen he was actually the son of Yasir Macías and his wife, Rosalía López.

In addition, it was learned that, during this time, the minor was living with two people who deceived him by telling him that they were his biological family.

A slow process of readjustment

Enrique Alfaro, governor of the state of Jalisco, informed the public about the discovery of the minor after verifying his affiliation with his Biological parents.

“From my heart, my best wishes in this new life that begins today,” wrote the authority on his Twitter account, while thanking everyone who participated in the search.

Although he shares the happiness of their parents Having finally returned to the place where he belongs, the teenager said he still did not feel ready to tell his story and asked for time to adapt to this new chapter in his life.

“We are very happy to have found him, it is a great blessing that this miracle has been granted to us,” his mother, Rosalía López, told the TV Azteca channel.

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Parents find ‘Chavita’ after 16 years, their son kidnapped as a baby