Paula Chaves was honest about China Suárez: “The situation hurts and saddens me”

Paula Chaves told how her relationship with China Suárez was after Wandagate

They were friends. However, as she transpired, Paula Chavez he was furious when he found out that Eugenia The China Suarez had had an affair with Mauro Icardithe husband of Wanda Nara. And it is that the group to which both belonged was also integrated, among others, by Zaira Nara. And, therefore, the driver felt that the actress’s attitude when agreeing to meet the PSG footballer had been “a betrayal.”

You are a piece of shit, a piece of garbage”, was the phrase that, as revealed Yanina Torres when did he start Wandagate, Chaves would have told China. And, as it was later learned, the informant of the panelist from THE M It was none other than Wanda herself. Paula, however, always avoided giving details on the subject. But it was more than clear that the relationship between her and the actress was broken from that moment. In fact, was not present at the thirtieth birthday of the former ATAV. And this one, while she stopped following the drivers in Instagramshared a suggestive message in their stories that said: “I walked away and I’m going to keep moving away from everything that doesn’t join me.”

The truth is that this Tuesday and on the occasion of the completion of his replacement in Cut for Lozano, where was he taking the place of Veronica Lozano for his vacations and his subsequent accident, Chaves agreed to give an interview for the program he hosts Angel of Brito. And, for the first time, she made direct reference to her ex? friend of hers

Zaira Nara, China Suárez and Paula Chaves when they were friends
Zaira Nara, China Suárez and Paula Chaves when they were friends

It makes me very bad to be involved in scandals. And it distresses me. I do not feel comfortable”, began Paula. And then she clarified: “I worked for many years in this is the show where we touched on these issues and, the one who worked with me, can tell you that it bothers me to talk about the other, to have to give an opinion about the other’s life… It’s like I don’t feel comfortable there. I don’t like to see myself in the news headlines for things that, above all, are not mine and I have nothing to do with it”.

In any case, Chaves acknowledged that he suffered “collateral damage” from the scandal that shook the country since October of last year. “The truth is that everything makes me very sad. Really. But it is not my subject. I’m not angry at all. Don’t fight me with anyone. Simply, intimate things happened, beyond this, that are not good. But well, it hurts me and the situation saddens me”.

The truth is that, although he did not want to delve into the chats he allegedly had with China and the audios that the actress would have forwarded to IcardiPaula did not want to finish the note without making a reservation. And, to everyone’s surprise, she made a resounding statement. “If you want, let’s close with this: I didn’t say ‘sorete’ to anyone”concluded the driver.

It should be remembered that a few days ago Wanda reported that her account Instagram had been hacked. And, to several reprehensible comments against China, was added the publication of capturing some private chats, Among which was one that the businesswoman had maintained with the actress in which Suárez asked her about her family. Evidently, Nara sent it to someone and wrote: “It is as Pau told me, I was obsessed with my family and with my life”.


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Paula Chaves was honest about China Suárez: “The situation hurts and saddens me”