Paulina Rubio opens up about her divorce from Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera

Paulina Rubio is back on the stage with force after almost two years of silence due to the pandemic with her new single I am, a theme with which he has once again conquered his fans. It was precisely during this promotion that the one known as Golden Girl has put aside the star to talk about his most personal life like Paulina. She explained some of the plans she makes with her two children, Andrea and Eros, the most important thing in her life, she recalled her divorce from Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera and surprised by revealing that she is not closed to falling in love again, yes, she is in no hurry .

Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera opens his heart and talks about his marriage with Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio’s family photo provokes the terrible anger of her ex Gerardo Bazúa


The interpreter was sincere, in statements to Pati Chapoy, about the end of her love story with Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera (in 2012 their separation was made official and in 2014 they signed the agreement). “I think it was something inevitable, I preferred not to be with him to have something so toxic, above all, because I felt it was not necessary,” he said. She explained that while they were married (they got married in 2007 in Cancun), there were things that were not working with her, she would have liked. “And out of love I was very trusting, at that moment, my mother told me: ‘You have to do things more organized,’ but that’s how things turned out at the beginning.” Nicolás and Paulina are still immersed in a judicial war since their separation. She acknowledged that “one learns” from these things, the same thing she answered about her relationship with Gerardo Bazúa, father of her second child (they dated for about five years, until 2018).

The singer does not rule out falling in love again, although it is not something she wants to rush. “Yeah yeah, but I’m in no rush, I’m so good in my skin right now. To begin with, my children, they are passion and adventure, they need a lot from me, so I don’t want to be distracted at that moment ”. Andrea, 11, and Eros, 5, are the center of their world, for they are the ones who fill her with love. “They are my priority. When I’m not working I go to school for them, I wake up early and take them, I pass by them and we go to karate, I take them to make a tent or picnics, I enjoy it so much that I would not change it for anything ”.


The example at home

The example to act as a supermom was learned from hers Susana Dosamantes, who taught combine a demanding profession such as that of an artist with the care of their children. “I couldn’t do it without a family, without my mother and without the family bosom that she gave me. Yes, we are working moms, yes, we have to work and leave the children, with my mother or with grandfather, or with father, but my children understand very well the value of having their mother, the grandmother they have ” assured. The singer feels comfortable in her skin, as she assured after having appeared in Forbes as one of the most powerful Latin American women. “When I have the love of the public, I feel very powerful and when I have my children on Mother’s Day, I feel that my power is infinite.”

Last June the Mexican threw a big party on the occasion of his 50th birthday, a celebration in Miami attended by his mother, Susana Dosamantes, his brother Enrique and their children, as well as a group of friends. Showing off her figure in a metallic blue minidress (by designer Michael Costello who also attended the evening), Paulina cut an original cake, crowned by her initial, amid a shower of sparks from the sparklers that the attendees waved to the rhythm of her success I’m still here. “I feel lucky, fulfilled and I have the inspiration of my two children. Every day with them is action and an adventure. I’m ready for the next fifty ”she pointed out in HELLO!

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Paulina Rubio opens up about her divorce from Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera