Paulo Londra’s daughter was born, in the midst of the conflict with her ex: the first image

Paulo Londra’s daughter was born (Video: “Intruders” – America)

In the midst of the conflict with his ex, Rocio Morenothis noon it transpired that Paul London he became a father for the second time. This was announced in intruderswhere they obtained the word of the singer at the exit of the clinic in Córdoba.

“The baby is fine and now to wait”He told the press that he was waiting for him. When asked if he had already held the newborn in his arms, he replied: “Yes, yes. The girl has already dropped a milk, so she pussy. Now I am going to look for the eldest of her and be with her.” Without further statements, she left the place in a car driven by her mother. However, the chronicler Paul Layus he also managed to get the woman to give him a few words. “We are happy, we love our granddaughters,” she said. In relation to the demand that his daughter-in-law made to his son, pointed out: “On our part there was never anything wrong, thank God.” And he closed: “We are really happy, I hope to meet her soon.”

Minutes later, the musician turned to his account Instagramwhere he shared with his more than 11 million followers the first photo of the little girl. “I love you princess, beautiful little sister. God protect you always”he wrote in his stories next to the postcard in which he is seen caressing her.

The first photo of Paulo Londra's daughter
The first photo of Paulo Londra’s daughter

As confirmed by Layus, the baby, who was called Francisca, was born at 10:55 am and Londra was present as soon as she found out that Rocío started having contractions. For her part, Maite Penonori told some details of the conflict that apparently remains between the couple. ”They have a piece of land where Rocío and Paulo lived in the back until the moment of separation, and his parents in the front. There was talk of a rather hostile situation between Paulo’s parents and her. She was very lonely going through the pregnancy, because Paulo was not there and that is why her mother also went to accompany her, “said the panelist.

And he added: “There was a call from Paulo to Rocío saying that he did not know about the situation – about the food quota – because he had left everything in the hands of lawyers and told him that he was going to guarantee everything he needs and that he was going to be ”. However, Maite also said that the singer was not in labor, but arrived moments later.

In addition, the panelist confirmed that the relationship between them continues to be tense. “On Friday they had an episode where he ended up insulting Rocío and they fought. She talked to Ana (Rosenfeld) about making a complaint also for psychological violence “.

On the other hand, while in the cycle of America They showed that on the paper of the Sanatorium the little girl appeared with the surname of the mother, Rocío clarified it in her stories: “I want to clarify that in the clinic they wrote it down like this, obviously it will bear the father’s last name”. And a few minutes later, she published the first photo with the baby. “Welcome my Francis,” she wrote.

Rocío's posts after the birth of her daughter
Rocío’s posts after the birth of her daughter

Days ago, Rosenfeld had confirmed to teleshow who filed a lawsuit for “economic compensation”, against the artist. “It’s because of his dedication to him and his daughters,” explained the lawyer in reference to the fact that the also influencer He stopped studying and did not work to accompany and support him on tours and to take care of his eldest daughter who was born in July 2020.


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Paulo Londra’s daughter was born, in the midst of the conflict with her ex: the first image