Paz Padilla leaves ‘Sálvame’ live after a brutal argument with Belén Esteban about vaccines

Maximum tension on the set of ‘Save me‘. After a few weeks avoiding the subject, the program has addressed this Thursday the subject of the controversial statements he made Peace Padilla in an Instagram direct with Ane Igartiburu Y Mary of the Mount. The presenter, in addition to talking about “Luhán”, the “Ónitron” variant or the “Spider protein”, stated that “lVaccines are useless”.

This afternoon, Paz Padilla met with Bethlehem Esteban live. The collaborator has been very critical these days with the Cadiz woman, whom she has branded as “irresponsible” when making these types of statements considering his popularity and influence. From the beginning, in the meeting between the two there was discomfort, but the tension has been escalating as the conversation progressed.

“I think we can have a calm debate. I have no intention of having a war or anything. It is true that, and I said it the other day, that when the video I politely put that I think there are unnecessary things and this is one of them”, Paracuellos started, in a conciliatory tone that later disappeared.

Paz Padilla’s explanations about the controversial video

For his part, Paz Padilla has tried to explain himself regarding his controversial statements. “I thank you for being able to clarify it (…). We were talking about Ana Obregón not being able to give the Bells, about how she had become infected [de coronavirus]. It was a long conversation and they extracted a piece in which he explained that he did not understand that while you were on the vaccine you would get infected”, the presenter has started.

“So I said that even if you had the vaccines it was useless because you get infected with the new virus (…). What I was talking about is that no matter how much you had the vaccines, that people would not relax because they had the Covid passport”, Padilla explained. “I am not a denier or an anti-vaccine. Vaccines obviously save lives. There are the numbers, I cannot deny it”, he assured.


Belén Esteban: “Peace, I respect you but I don’t believe what you’re saying”

Despite Padilla’s explanations, Belén Esteban has not been convinced at all and, after asking people to get vaccinated, the collaborator has gotten up ready to continue talking about other issues. And he has made it clear that he did not believe the presenter: “You tell me if I’m believing what he’s telling me, I tell you no, I don’t believe it. Peace, I respect you but I don’t believe what you’re saying”.

As expected, Padilla has not taken those words well. “If it was a lie, I would say so. But don’t believe it, I don’t care. What I am very clear about is that I am not anti-vaccines”, said the presenter, before issuing a warning to Esteban.

“Really, I think you’ve overdone it. Why get out of this story saying that I’m lying. Well, if you want, we can go to court.”, The presenter told him.

Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla, this Thursday in'Sálvame'.

Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla, this Thursday in ‘Sálvame’.



Paz Padilla to Belén Esteban: “If you want, we can go to court”

Despite these last words, it seemed that both the presenter and the collaborator were going to drop the subject. However, once on the main set and together with his companions, Kiko Hernandez He has brought up the subject again… and it has ended much worse.

At that time, the host of ‘Save me’ has insisted again that the video was “manipulated” and that it is not anti-vaccine. But at the insistence of Kiko Hernández, Belén he ended up saying what he really thought and that has made the presenter fatal.

Paz Padilla, Belén Esteban and Kiko Hernández in'Sálvame'.

Paz Padilla, Belén Esteban and Kiko Hernández in ‘Sálvame’.



Belén Esteban: “I think Paz does not believe in the vaccine”

I think Paz does not believe in the vaccine”, Belén has sentenced despite the explanations that the woman from Cádiz has given. “I’m freaking out. Why don’t I believe in vaccines (…). Tell me, Bethlehem, you’ve gotten yourself into this”, Paz has told him next.

But the talk show host has returned to answer more forcefully: “The one you got into was you making that video. So don’t tell me. The one you got into was you. And the faces of Ane and María del Monte were a poem”.

It was then that the presenter from Cadiz got up. “He passed”, he said while leaving the set of ‘Sálvame’ unbuttoning her dress and taking off her microphone.

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Paz Padilla leaves ‘Sálvame’ live after a brutal argument with Belén Esteban about vaccines