Pearls, diamonds and sparkling stockings: Letizia and her snow queen look in Sweden

The State visit of Felipe and Letizia to Sweden It has already started and it has done so with an act that is never lacking in the international trips of Their Majesties. The Kings like to meet the Spanish who live around the world and usually celebrate a reception with some of them, as happened this Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in Stockholm, specifically at the ambassador’s residence, where Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia have gone after landing shortly before 5:00 p.m. at the international airport of Arlanda.

And after the outfit with wide-heeled boots and culotte pants with the one who has said goodbye to Madrid, The Queen has opted for a look in the style of the Snow Queen, in which they stand out above all pearl and diamond earrings. Although at first glance it may seem like it, they are not what you usually wear. those of Australian pearls. These do not have the diamond above, the pearl hangs from seven diamonds; the others are detachable, they only have four diamonds between the pearl and the hook. Come on …, we could play the game of the 7 differences with them, because they are practically the same. Here you can see them both together.

The Queen, at the Spanish embassy in Sweden. (Gtres)

In matters of jewelry we have started strong, with these earrings that favor her so much; on the other hand, in regard to wardrobe, the Queen has decided to repeat dress, perhaps because he has great surprises in store for us for the next acts. It is a design that appears on the OFNI list (unidentified fashion objects), since to this day we still do not know its designer. Made in off-white, it is long-sleeved and features an asymmetrical hem with a V-shaped finish, as well as a frayed neckline and a marked waist.

This is the third time we have seen it, as it premiered in February 2020 at the solemn opening of the XIV legislature, and repeated twelve months later on a trip to Barcelona to present Juan Margarit with the 2019 Cervantes Award. On this occasion, and due to the cold in Stockholm, Doña Letizia has chosen to cover her legs with shiny crystal stockings. It is not unusual to see the Queen with them, since she always prefers to do without stockings, even in the coldest months, but, of course, the temperatures are not the same in Spain as in Sweden.

Letizia’s socks and shoes. (Gtres)

Now let’s move on to the accessories, signed by Magrit already matching: studded python leather pumps, to which she recently added a rubber sole to make them more comfortable, and a square clutch with the same characteristics. You have not, of course, forgotten your beloved Karen Hallam ring. Upon arrival at the ambassador’s residence, the Queen wore her black wool cape with a Carolina Herrera fur collar.

The Kings upon arrival. (Real home)

During the reception, Felipe VI has dedicated a few words to those present, highlighting: “It is not the first time that the Queen and I have visited this great country, but this has undoubtedly greater relevance and is loaded with special meaning and symbolism. Already in 2005 we had the opportunity to discover Stockholm together. On that occasion, we were not only able to verify in person the affection that exists here for Spain, but we also had the great honor of inaugurating, together with Princess Victoria, the current headquarters of the Cervantes Institute which, through the teaching of the Spanish language, represents one of the fundamental pillars of our bilateral relationship. In 2010 we had the joy of returning to attend the wedding of the princess and Prince Daniel. ”

This act has been a small aperitif, since the big will come tomorrow with the official welcome ceremony that Carlos XVI Gustavo and Silvia will give you in the center of the capital, and which includes a carriage ride. That same night, and after fulfilling some events such as a visit to the Nobel Museum or a meeting at the Karolinska Institute by the two queens, the long-awaited gala dinner will take place, in which the heirs, Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, as well as Prince Charles Philip and his wife, Princess Sofia.

Don Felipe and doña Letizia, in Stockholm. (EFE)

On Thursday, the Kings have on their agenda a lunch offered by the Stockholm City Council, in which members of the Swedish royal family will also be present, and the visit will end with a reception offered by Don Felipe and Doña Letizia in honor of their hosts in a palace that was owned by Alfonso XIII.

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Pearls, diamonds and sparkling stockings: Letizia and her snow queen look in Sweden