Pedro Sola criticized Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie for ‘Eternals’: that’s how they defended them

Pedro Sola is one of the most beloved show hosts on Mexican television, due to all his years on the ‘Ventaneando’ program.

On the Internet, he has found a niche with his fans, thanks to his funny criticisms and comments about fashion movies and series.

While on several occasions he comments with a great “sense of humor”, on others he has provoked the ire of some users on Twitter.

Pedro Sola’s critique of ‘Eternals’

His recent controversy occurred on November 6, when Pedro Sola gave his opinion about his experience of seeing the new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Eternals’.

For the presenter, the film lived up to its name and seemed “eternal”; assures that much of the blame lies with its two great stars: Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.

Sola thought that both were “fatal”, especially because they were not the right age for the film.

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The response of his followers

Some of his followers took those words with humor, while others did not think it correct that Sola’s criticism was directed at the age of the actresses.

Other fans recommended that he better choose the genre of his next film, since he usually complains a lot about those that have to do with superheroes. Mainly, because the cast of this film has made history. Watch the video for more information.

Marvel will make history thanks to the cast of the Eternals

At the same time, others scoffed that if he had not been able to remember a brand of mayonnaise, much less the plot of a movie.

Many supported Pedro Sola

Despite this drawback, the host maintains a solid fan base, who support his posts.

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For example, this user supported his idea almost completely, except for the idea that Salma Hayek did a bad job (for him it was the best of the film).

However, Salma continues to shine in Hollywood and has become a great benchmark in terms of Latino representation. In the following video, the Mexican gave an “emotional” interview.

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How did ‘Eternals’ fare on its first weekend?

‘Eternals’ hasn’t fared well for critics compared to the other Marvel movies; On specialty sites like Rotten Tomatoes, it barely achieves a 5.7 out of 10 rating.

But the fans don’t seem to care about the opinions of the press; has one of the best opening weekends in the franchise, raising 160 million worldwide.

Post credits scenes: Harry Stiles was the big surprise

In addition to revealing a little more about the world after the blip, ‘Eternals’ gifted fans with two post-credit scenes that could define the future of the MCU.

In the first, a deep voice asked Kit Harington if he was ready to fulfill his destiny (a reference that could change the destiny of Marvel movies).

In the second, Harry Styles, finally had his long-awaited participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by being the brother of Thanos.

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Pedro Sola criticized Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie for ‘Eternals’: that’s how they defended them