Penélope Cruz talks about how she and Javier Bardem protect their children from technology and social networks

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have always been very jealous of his private life, but this time the actress has made an exception to talk about how she and her husband try to protect her two sons Leo, ten years old and Luna, eight, of the era in which we live, in which social networks and technology are so present in our daily lives. The protagonist of Parallel mothers gave an interview to Rita Braver from CBS Sunday Morning and in her He spoke about what worries him about his children growing up under the influence of social networks.

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Pedro Almodóvar’s muse confesses that tHe has social networks, but he makes little use of them And when he does, he tries to do it “very carefully.” She believes that the use of these tools is especially affecting the younger generations and is concerned about those who are teenagers now. “It’s almost if the world is doing some kind of experiment with them. ‘Oh, let’s see what happens if you expose a 12-year-old to so much technology? “He muses. There is no protection for them, for brains that are still developing “and wonders” how that affects the way they see themselves, how everything related to bullying, so many things that are not the childhood we had, “adds the winner of the Volpi Cup, the highest award at the Venice Film Festival.

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Her way of thinking has made her very strict with her children when it comes to technology. “We can watch movies or some cartoons” And he points out. How can I not let them watch movies? For me they have been incredible moments of happiness since I was a child “, but instead it does not allow them to have access to any type of social network. The Oscar winner for Vicky Cristina Barcelona commented that will not leave them a phone number until they are much older and will not allow them to have social media until they are at least 16 years old. “It seems that I am part of a minority,” he admits, but considers it essential to do so to protect the mental health of his children.


Despite being two of the most prestigious Spanish actors in the world, both for Penelope and Javier their absolute priority are their children. They both love acting and are two true monsters of interpretation, the Madrilenian could win her fourth Oscar nomination for her role as Janis in Pedro Almodóvar’s film, as well as her husband with the film Being the ricardos, in addition to knowing that other of his films The good boss, by Fernano León de Aranoa, will represent Spain at the 94th Academy Awards.


However, on more than one occasion both have reiterated what they enjoy the most is being with their children. In one of the Bardem’s most candid and intimate interviews for the magazine Esquire, the protagonist of No country for old men or Lovin Pablo confessed that until he was a father he did not know what “unconditional love” was. “It’s incredible. They have us in their hands,” said the 52-year-old interpreter, who acknowledged that at home he spent hours playing with Penelope and her children. “Spending two weeks away from home breaks my heart, but not only emotionally, but I have physical symptoms,” he said. And it is that his idea has always been to be a present father, something that he could not enjoy when he was a child and try to be everything you wish your father had been. The son of the recently late Pilar Bardem He assures that there was a time when he was angry with him. “My father was not present. My mother broke her back all over Spain working in theater and television, “Javier said about his childhood, but he admitted that with age he began to understand that everyone does what they can in life. And he is clear that he will do it. all for their children.

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Penélope Cruz talks about how she and Javier Bardem protect their children from technology and social networks