“People believe that one’s life is perfect, that one does not suffer”: Carolina Cruz spoke about the ‘Salvador de Sueños’ foundation

Photo taken from Instagram @CarolinaCruzOsorio
Photo taken from Instagram @CarolinaCruzOsorio

When little Salvador was diagnosed with gestational torticollis, to Caroline Cruz and the other people who were in charge of the child’s care began a titanic task to advance his recovery process. Daily, the Valle del Cauca presenter informed her followers on her Instagram of the progress and concerns regarding the health of her son and the therapies to which he was subjected for several weeks.

Now, with the little boy’s health at its peak, the also businesswoman decided to create a foundation that could take in dozens of boys and girls who suffer from problems similar to those of her son, but who do not have the same economic and health facilities as her.

“When I lived through this whole issue with Salva, which moved me so much, I began to realize that, first, one is very lucky because one has a good job with a good salary with which you can pay for good health insurance; but besides, people believe that one’s life is perfect, that one does not suffer, but that is not the reality”Cruz mentioned in dialogue with the program ‘La Red’.

This is how ‘Salvador de Sueños’ was born, a foundation that brought together several cases throughout the country and that reflect, incidentally, the difficulty that many have in accessing the current health system in Colombia. The construction of this idea took place with its own resources, and also with important contributions made by the National Beauty Contest and natural persons who, incidentally, were sponsored by several cases.

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“A humble family, which has a minimum salary and also has a difficult health condition, because life has been made an ordeal, so I think that is where we have to be a little more sensitive because (…) these people have to be aware of an authorization from the Sisbén or an EPS when an MRI costs up to five million pesos with sedation”, expressed the Valle del Cauca to the aforementioned media.

In this sense, he also criticized the Colombian health system, arguing that It is “a duty of the Government” to ensure that the children of the country are well cared for in the entities that provide this service. In addition, he thanked the support he has received from all fronts for the construction of ‘Salvador de Sueños’, including his family, the company where he currently works and Lincoln Palomequeabout whom a possible separation had been rumored.

Not only does this foundation support children with special health conditions, but it also provides support to their mothers so that there is a joint process of help.

This is how you can support a child through the foundation

All procedures are carried out through the web portal of Carolina Cruz; Several options appear there to help minors and their families: not only can you sponsor a child, but there are also the possibilities of donating money, buying some of the organization’s products or offering yourself as a volunteer agent.

Also, those who are interested in learning more about the work they can do, can leave their data on the page and later, an agent will contact them to find the ideal way to contribute to the cause.

Among the products they offer to finance the project are earrings, piggy banks, bags, light rings, t-shirts, blankets and all kinds of accessories.. Prices range between 30,000 to 100,000 Colombian pesos.


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“People believe that one’s life is perfect, that one does not suffer”: Carolina Cruz spoke about the ‘Salvador de Sueños’ foundation