Philippe Junot’s women of the heart: from Carolina to Isabelle

Philippe Junot He has never been a stranger to the press, but in recent years his presence in the media had been greatly reduced. The French became popular as a result of numerous conquests in his youth, but, especially, from the romance that he had with Caroline of Monaco -Europe’s sweetheart- in the 1970s. A relationship that had all the ingredients of a love story against the current: a ‘playboy’ past on the part of the boyfriend, a Princess who was courted from all latitudes, substantial differences in age and status and, above all, the opinion contrary to her parents.

Caroline of Monaco and Junot in a file image. / Gtres

And it is that Rainier and Grace Kelly They never looked favorably on the businessman, who managed to lead the Princess to the altar in 1978. At that time, she was barely twenty-one years old, while he was close to forty. A wedding that captured the attention of the entire planet and in which Carolina herself insisted, contrary to her parents, who attended the celebration with resignation despite everything. However, both Grace and Rainier were not wrong. Two years after that massive link, the marriage collapsed. The youth of the Princess and the experience of that playboy turned out to be a more than complicated combination.

Carolina and Junot with Grace Kelly. / Gtres

Of Carolina there is evidence of all her love affairs, especially, as a result of the death of the one who has been, without a doubt, her great love, Stefano Casiraghifather of three of his children. Fate wanted Casiraghi to die in a tragic boating accident, leaving Carolina absolutely devastated. There were several suitors that the Princess had later, until she saw the light of her relationship with Ernest of Hanover, who was married to one of her friends. This story was one of the most interesting that has lived in Gotha and ended in a wedding, although now they each live by her side. That yes, Carolina has not renounced the status of Princess of Hannover -above the rank that she has for being princess in Monaco-, despite the fact that she is vox populi that Ernesto maintains a relationship with Claudia Stilianopulos About some months ago.

The women in his life

Beyond the Princess, the real women in Junot’s life have been his two daughters and his second wife, Nina Wendelboe-Larsen. The couple’s wedding married in October 1987 in Denmark. A wedding that took place in a small church in a town near Copenhagen and in which the bride wore an impressive design by Guy Laroche and touched with a small diamond tiara. The ceremony was celebrated by the Protestant rite, although this meant that the fact that Junot did not yet have the annulment of her marriage with Carolina of Monaco did not pose a problem.

Nina Junot in an act with Carlos Falcó. / Gtres

Barely a week after this wedding, the newlywed couple took the opportunity to celebrate a second ceremony in Marbella, which was attended by prominent personalities from the social life of the time such as Jaime de Mora, Gunilla von Bismark or Alfonso of Hohenlohe.

Philippe Junot
Junot at a celebration with Gunilla von Bismark. / Gtres

The couple had three children: Isabelle, Victoria and Alexis, but ten years later they signed their divorce. In addition to the three children with Nina, Junot is also the father of Chloé, the result of his relationship with the Swedish model Helén Wendel. While Nina was related to a young businessman who went by the name of Rafael Mincione, Junot was seen with various women, among whom was, curiously, the mother of his son-in-law: Marta Chavarri. Together with her he was in Mallorca on vacation, but her story did not go much further. Now, several years later, capricious fate has wanted them to see each other again and become godfather and godmother of the marriage that has united their children.

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Philippe Junot’s women of the heart: from Carolina to Isabelle