Photo: Marbelle joins the list of celebrities who make a radical change to their appearance

There have been few celebrities who in recent weeks have been inclined to various changes in their appearance, especially in their hair.

Recently, one of those who was surprised by his new appearance was the steering wheel James Rodríguez, who generated all kinds of reactions for having painted his hair an aquamarine tone, being compared with Karol G and even with the actress Lady Tabares.

Now, the one who attracted attention in the last hours for changing the color of her hair was Marbelle. The singer posted a selfie Through the stories section, where he showed the modification to his look, going from a coppery tone to the brown that he wore several months ago.


As expected, the portrait was reposted by various accounts dedicated to tracking down the country’s celebrities, such as ‘ChismesHoyCol’. Reactions came within a few minutes and in less than an hour, the publication reached dozens of comments, several of them questioning the use of filters by the popular music interpreter.

“With filters, anyone looks young; Agüelita is here, she believes that the years do not pass her ”; “His appearance looks like a skull. Mona, red-haired, green, the tone of her hair doesn’t change how horrible she looks ”; “Marbelle has had a lot of bichectomy”; “It has an air of Michael Jackson” and “It seems Endry Carreño”, were just some of the reactions to the singer’s new look.

It is worth noting that, in addition to changing the color, Marbelle asked to cut her hair so that it would be in the middle of her back. This is how she looks in the image and also in the other ‘InstaStories’ that she shared on her profile, where she was a guest on the entertainment show ‘I know everything’, in which he spoke about his professional life and sang the most recent of his repertoire.

For a long time, several characters from the national show business have taken the initiative to do a ‘house-tour’ through their social networks; Well, there are those who enjoy and are proud to show their properties, which contain all their efforts and realized dreams.

Figures such as Jhonny Rivera, Pipe Bueno, Marcela Reyes and recently Lina Tejeiro have already done so, showing off the various luxuries they have in their mansions and farms; and despite the boom that this dynamic has had, there have been several who refuse to make videos of this type and one of those famous is precisely, Marbelle.

Through a dynamic of ‘questions and answers’, a user made the suggestion; “Take a house tour”, to which the Valle del Cauca singer replied that that was not going to happen.

“No never. I think it is something that I have never liked, or what I agree with or like to do. I do not like that nobody knows or sees my house “, The former participant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ replied, adding that she has no problem with the fact that, when recording a common video, various parts of her home are detailed, but it would not go so far as to show the public all the areas of her home.

“Sometimes I publish little things by chance, like right now I’m in my room, or I’m in the living room or in the garden. But I don’t like to show how I live in general, it’s something that doesn’t seem so cool to me “, concluded the singer.


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Photo: Marbelle joins the list of celebrities who make a radical change to their appearance