Photos. The love story of Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado

The love story of Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado It has not been rosy, and it is that the lawyer who is in preventive prison in the North Prison since 2019, after being indicted for crimes of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin, he conquered the actress’s heart while he was still married to the also actress Leticia Calderón.

Collado before the public eye lived a happy marriage with Calderón, with whom after eight years of being together he had two children, Luciano and Carlo, even the actress moved away from the environment to dedicate time to his family, especially because his first-born Luciano was born with Down syndrome.

When her two children were three and two years old, and while the actress was recovering from a knee operation, her now ex-husband took out his things and decided to leave home, a few weeks later, Calderón found out that he had started a relationship with Yadhira Carrillo.

Since then, Carrillo’s personal life has been involved in scandals as well as bickering over the way in which Collado had ended his marriage to the actress of melodramas such as “Esmeralda” and “Empire of lies.”

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Collado fulfilled Carrillo’s dream and took her to the altar in 2012, they were married at the Colegio de las Vizcainas after a torrid romance. Being a lawyer who worked in the political sphere, Mexican politicians attended the wedding as Arturo Montiel, Raúl Salinas de Gortari, Diego Fernández de Cevallos and Roberto madrazo and also great celebrities such as Julio Iglesias, who performed some of his songs at the party.

Over time, Yadhira and Leticia’s relationship smoothed out rough edges and in 2016 Carrillo told the media that the children from his first marriage were also part of his family and of his heart.

After the arrest of her husband, Yadhira again gave what to talk about, and despite the legal evidence and what is said in different media, the actress has defended him tooth and nail. He has also recounted the difficult situation he went through when he ran out of money.

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Every weekend she goes to the prison to visit him, prepares his favorite food and watches over his health, because he has said that he is still the love of his life. In April of this year, the lawyer appeared before a federal magistrate to defend two of his bank accounts that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) seeks to freeze to guarantee the payment of 36 million pesos for tax fraud.

It was in 2019 when the FGR charged Collado Mocelo and Alberto Manuel Alcántara, former head of the General Investigation Coordination of the FGR, for influence peddling and crimes against the management of justice.

It was pointed out that the defendants allegedly participated in the illegal filing of an investigation against Collado Mocelo to unfreeze one of his bank accounts in Andorra and that the lawyer could have access to the 76.5 million euros he has there, according to criminal case 174/2020 .

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Photos. The love story of Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado