Pilar Montenegro will not be part of Garibaldi’s reunion, but she will be part of the group’s bioseries

Pilar Montenegro decided to retire from the world of entertainment in 2013 and since then little has been known about her life. It is speculated that he suffers from ataxia, but the information has not been confirmed. However, his former partner Charly López shared the alleged reason.

He tired and we respect everyone’s decisions, let him say I got tired I started from ‘Anitta la huerfanita’ and all my life, I’m tired, I don’t want to anymore and it’s okay, life too and more right now in these times you have to do what you most we love”, said the producer to ‘First Hand’.

Pilar “happy” for the Garibaldi bioseries

The Mexican group was very famous in the 1990s and there are plans to produce a his story seriesThere is even a streaming platform that is interested in the project, Charly asserted.

The also actor shared that all the members of Garibaldi and the producer Luis de Llano are in a chat where they think about the series, and said that Pilar is excitedfor which it would be part of the project.

“What he doesn’t want is to appear in the media, he doesn’t like it, Pili doesn’t want to appear, but he would be in the meetings and he would obviously have to talk about his story, Pili is always giving her opinion in the chat. She’s happy, obviously she would have to go to the meetings with the writers to tell her story,” she explained.

Garibaldi’s reunion

Sergio Mayer and Charly López have been working for months on a possible tour for Garibaldi’s reunion, but now the singer revealed that another group could also participate. However, he made it clear that Pilar Montenegro will not be part of this project.

“There is also a reunion with a very important group of the time that I also discussed with Sergio, to do a tour with them that is from the same time as Garibaldi,” he said without giving more details.


The alleged illness of Pilar Montenegro

It has been speculated that the withdrawal of the Mexican singer and actress is due to the fact that she allegedly suffers from ataxiaa degenerative disease that affects coordination, information that has not been confirmed.

Recently her former groupmate, Luisa Fernanda, pointed out that Pilar has no plans to resume her career and did not want to talk about her health.

“I am telling you that from the beginning, Pilar is not going to be (in the reunion), Pilar is retired, Pilar has no intention of ever coming backshe is not interested in knowing anything about the show business, the press, the media in general, she does not want to know anything at all,” she said in early February when intercepted by the press, journalist Edén Dorantes reported.

In 2018 Jerónimo García, Garibaldi’s costume designer and friend of Montenegro, commented on this disease in an interview with the newspaper Basta!: “The thing about the wheelchair is because he suffers from a degenerative disease, his dad died of that and possibly inherited it, uses the chair to avoid carrying all his weight, his feet do not respond very well, he has to hold on to something; She told me that she did not want to know anything about the artistic medium because she was already fed up “.

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Pilar Montenegro will not be part of Garibaldi’s reunion, but she will be part of the group’s bioseries