“Pollita”, Karol G exudes charm in yellow

Chick!, the followers of the beautiful singer Carol G They were more than pleased with her yellow outfit with which she looked really beautiful, definitely, “the one who dresses in yellow, trusts her beauty” and in this famous there is a waste of beauty.

A photograph of the stunning Carol G She allows her followers to see her quite seriously but posing as a professional in front of the camera who did not lose any detail of her beauty and charms.

The singer of the urban genre relaxed her posture a little, throwing her hips to the side and bringing one of her hands to her waist while with the other she holds a microphone, also in yellow, so as not to lose the special combination.

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Karol G chose for the occasion a sports outfit consisting of a short jacket and lace pants in shades of yellow and white, but what caught the attention of social networks the most was that she left her jacket open to show everyone her well-worked abdomen and charms.

Karol G, the singer exudes charm in yellow. Photo: Instagram.

The star of the social networks chose to complement her outfit a beautiful yellow top with a lot of shine and a very special cut, as it allowed us to see more of her famous attributes and her also popular tattoo with the letters “Hope” that is located on the upper part of your abdomen.

Carolina was seen with quite long acrylic nails in green, a very natural face and her hair completely collected but relaxed with an accessory also in yellow.

The ex of Anuel AA does not miss the opportunity to show off her beauty to the fullest on social networks and on stage where she usually surprises with her original outfits and especially with her figure.

Carol G She is one of those considered “curvy” girls because she is not the typical size zero to which the world of beauty and entertainment was accustomed and in addition to having a small waist and flat abdomen, she has curves that drive anyone crazy.

Although they say that the athlete James Rodríguez has completely denied having a relationship with the singer, the rumors that there is something more than a friendship between him and Karol G are getting stronger and do not dissipate.

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“Pollita”, Karol G exudes charm in yellow