“Pretty women cost”: Belinda’s designer and friend defends her from those who say she is “interested”

After the announcement of the Breakup of Belinda and Christian Nodal On February 12, several celebrities and close friends of the ex-partner have spoken about it, including Gustavo Mattadesigner and friend of the also actress, who defended her and asked the singer-songwriter to behave like a gentleman.

During a meeting with the media at an event, the creator of several of the singer’s outfits reacted to the end of the courtship and made reference to the messages that Nodal addressed to Belinda’s fans in recent days, especially about the singer’s tweet, which he deleted shortly after, in which he assured that he preferred to remain silent so as not to affect his ex.

“Disappointment that I took. And as fans, better not continue and give the nice things because the only one affected is going to be Beli, if it is discussed in depth“Wrote the interpreter of ‘Goodbye love’.

In the interview presented by the show ‘Venga la alegría’, he gave the regional Mexican singer some advice: ” Gentlemen have to keep quiet always, boys, always in a relationship. I think the best position for a gentleman is to stay quiet no matter what happens,” he declared.

Gustavo Matta responds if Belinda is an “interested woman”

During the interview, the designer stated that he does not know the reasons for his friend’s breakup and said that he has no knowledge of whether the actress borrowed 4 million dollars from the singer to supposedly pay off a debt with the treasury, as has been pointed out in the last days.

He said that so far he has not had financial problems with the artist and, instead, pointed out that knows her as an altruistic woman.

“Belinda has always been very good to me, she has always been very generous with me, I have never been on duty […] She is an altruistic person, she is a woman who is always in favor of good deeds, of good causes.”

Belinda has been the target of criticism, because as a result of the rumors that the separation was for economic reasons, Internet users have classified her as an “interested woman”. In this regard, Gustavo pointed out: “If someone wants to go out with her, let it cost them, beautiful women cost a lot of money“, said.

Should the ring be returned?

The designer, who has worked with Belinda since its inception, also weighed in on whether he should return the engagement ring he received in May 2021 at a fancy restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“Given, given, boys. Dropped, dropped. Nothing to return or anythingneither cars nor watches are returned, it’s nonsense,” he commented on the jewel valued at 3 million dollars, according to Angel City Jewelers.


Galilea Montijo also asks Belinda not to return the ring

During the February 14 broadcast of the Hoy program, the host joined the controversy over the breakup of ‘Nodeli’ and expressed her position on whether the interpreter of ‘Amor at first sight’ should return the ring to her ex-fiancé.

“My loves, I have always told you, the rings do not return… that’s why ask, ask, because the stones stay, the men leave, the stones always have to stay,” he said.

On that occasion, the driver also shared a personal experience after her morning partner Raúl Araiza commented that he did not believe that the singer had asked him for the 12-carat diamond.

It was then that Montijo recalled the time she returned an engagement ring: “There are men who do ask for it, eh! They asked me for the ring one day and I told him ‘but with pleasure’ and (I threw it at him) in face”.

Why did Belinda and Christian Nodal end up?

So far it is unknown which was the real reason for canceling the commitment and their relationship of more than a year and a half, because in the statements that the ex-partner sent separately they did not give details and left loose threads that have allowed speculation about the problems they could have.

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“Pretty women cost”: Belinda’s designer and friend defends her from those who say she is “interested”