Prince Albert of Monaco reveals Charlène’s plans for Christmas

It was one of the unknowns, but it is now resolved. While the rest of the European royal houses have been making known how the festivities will pass, nothing was known about the Monegasques. Well at last Prince Albert has revealed Charlène’s plans for Christmas. The princess remains admitted to a specialized center outside the country and we all wondered if Jacques and Gabriella could see their mother on such special dates.

The answer to this question has come in the form of an official statement, which lately is a constant in the sovereign’s routine, who is forced to report on the status of his wife. There is good news for both him and the little ones, because it seems that they will be able to share some moments with her. It has not been specified when, how and where, but to be seen, of course they will be seen.

This is how the official statement reads: “Princess Charlène will be visited by HSH Prince Albert and his sons during the Christmas holidays. Once her health is strong enough, the princess looks forward to spending time with the Monegasques. ” And with this brief paragraph that does not clarify much, everything seems to indicate that Carolina’s brother and her little ones will at some point move to the clinic where the first lady recovers physically and emotionally to enjoy the long-awaited family meeting.

The statement also sheds some light on his health. “The convalescence of SAS Princess Charlène continues to be encouraging. Recovers in a satisfying and comforting wayalthough it may take a few more months before their health has fully recovered ”, they report. It appears that she will not be discharged soon and that she will still have to remain in the hospital. Again, Alberto asks for respect and privacy for his wife, which implies not to reveal his whereabouts and not to confirm whether, in fact, he is in the prestigious Swiss clinic Paracelsus Recovery, with quite high fees, by the way. A four-week treatment is around 300,000 euros and we remember that the princess would have been there for more than a month.

Since she returned to Monaco, after six months in South Africa, we have not seen her publicly again and the news about her has come in a trickle, officially through the different communications and interviews that Alberto de Monaco has granted, and in a unofficial for the comments that his family and friends have made about his condition. Everyone has assured that Charlène’s ailment that kept her trapped for so long in her native country It was very serious and some even suggest that it was close to death. He was unable to eat solid foods for weeks and that made him lose a lot of weight, not forgetting the psychological consequences that this entire journey of operations and treatments has left him.

Her husband has also been forced to deny that the true nature of his illness it was a disastrous cosmetic surgery operation that would have left her disfigured. The rumor mill continues, but this new information about Charlène’s Christmas plans brings a bit of order and tranquility. It is hopeful news that will have filled your little ones with happiness. Gabriella and Jacques miss her very much and do not miss the opportunity to send her messages of support, as happened with the cute posters they carried on the balcony of the palace on Monaco National Day.

And while life continues in the principality, the Monegasque princess reappears from time to time on her Instagram for special reasons. He congratulated his children on December 10 for his seventh birthday writing: “Congratulations, my children. I thank God for blessing me with these wonderful children. Mom loves you ”. And more recently he shared an original Christmas with a family watercolor to wish everyone a “nice and safe holidays, with all my love.”

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Prince Albert of Monaco reveals Charlène’s plans for Christmas