Prince Harry does not forget and returns to compare Meghan with his mother

Wednesday night the dukes of sussex they reappeared in New York to attend the Salute to Freedom awards ceremony, held at the Intrepid Museum to honor the military on the eve of Remembrance Day in the UK. But it’s not Prince Harry’s first public appearance this week. Two days before capturing all eyes on the red carpet, Elizabeth II’s grandson once again shared personal information about how difficult it has been for him to live with the media spotlight. During his speech at The Internet Lie Machine, virtual summit organized by the American magazine Wired, He spoke of the relationship he has had with the media both under the umbrella of the British Royal Family and now that has waived its institutional obligations.

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The youngest son of Prince Charles and Diana of Wales has explained that when he announced that he was starting a new life with his wife and children in the United States, away from the Crown, it began to be used the term Megxit to refer to this resignation to their status as senior members of British royalty. The Duke of Sussex considers that “it is a misogynistic term that was created by a troll and that it grew, grew and grew ”. And it is that he maintains that with this word Meghan Markle is blamed directly for the decision. For the prestigious Collins English dictionary, this informal word became one of the most sought after last year and its first use dates from 2019, when it was used to refer to employees who stopped working for the Duchess.

The co-founder of the Archewell organization considers disinformation to be a global humanitarian crisis and bases this claim on his own experience with the media throughout his 37 years of life. “I felt it personally over the years and now I see it happening worldwide, affecting everyone,” he pointed out. In addition, he highlights that the “most terrifying” part of the situation is that the origin is not social networks because it is not necessary to be in them to be affected. “I learned from an early age that the incentives of publication are not necessarily aligned with the incentives of the truth,” he said. What’s more, indicated that he lost his mother “because of this self-made rage” and is not willing “to lose the mother of my children for the same thing.”

It is not the first time that Prince Harry shares how much it scares him that his wife is a victim of the “same powerful forces” that his mother faced and accuses the press of “harassment” and “relentless propaganda” against her . End of 2019 he was sincere about this fear in Harry and Meghan: An African Adventure. In this documentary recorded during a trip to South Africa, he said that the pressure to which the mother of his children has been subjected made him relive the death of Diana of Wales. “Every time I see a camera or hear a click … Every time I see a flash it reminds me of the worst moment of my life,” he said. the youngest son of the Prince of Wales, who has admitted on occasion to having received psychiatric help to overcome this trance, a wound that not only remains open but “festers when I see a flash”.

The sixth in line to the UK is not only concerned with their experience with the digital sphere but also with how it affects information in other areas. He himself has said in the aforementioned presentation that In January he wrote via email to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, to warn him that on the platform the supporters of Donald Trump, former president of the United States, were organizing an assault on the Capitol to reverse the outcome of the elections, in which Joe Biden won. “That email was sent the day before and then it happened and I haven’t heard from it since,” he explained.

Meghan and Harry’s American Dream

After participating in the digital meeting, Prince Harry, already accompanied by Meghan Markle, presented five awards to service members, veterans and military families living with “the invisible wounds of war.” In the evening, which he attended with the commander of the Royal Victorian Order and the poppies that remember the fallen soldiers, He assured that he was living “the American dream” since he disembarked in the United States and explained how much it has meant to be part of the army. On this most significant evening, the Duchess of Sussex, stunning in a red dress With a double skirt signed by Carolina Herrera, she assured that she is always “proud” of her husband.

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Harry and Meghan return to the red carpet

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Prince Harry does not forget and returns to compare Meghan with his mother