Prince Harry suffers serious accident while riding a horse

Prince Harry is an avid polo fan and plays the sport regularlybut it is a discipline that requires great skill as a rider, since you have to have control when riding a horse that requires skill and agility.

It is clear about its dangers and that is that any unforeseen event can cause accidents, which was what happened when grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, well a few days ago fell from his horse in front of all the attendees who were watching a polo game in which his team, the Padres, was participating.

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In the images that circulate through networks, you can see the moment when, in the middle of the game, taking place in the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club of Los Angeles, California, United States, Prince Harry suddenly falls to the ground along with his horse.

According to Page Six, he got up immediately, thus revealing that he did not suffer any serious injury or injury, fortunately. Despite his effort and dedication, because after getting up continued with the party as if nothing, however, his team lost, 12 to 11.

The spectacular fall was captured in images by various means and when we see the scenes we can notice that the Duke of Sussex, The 37-year-old did not stay on the ground or pay more attention to what was undoubtedly a considerable blow, but rather scrambled to his feet without further mishap.

Among those present at the event was also the Canadian musician, music producer and composer, David Fosterwho is married to the singer and actress Katharine McPheewho will participate in the singing contest program, American Idol, in United States.

This is also the first public appearance we have of Prince Harry since his return from England, where he went with his wife, Meghan Markleand their two children for the events of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubileewho upon serving 70 years on the throne becomes the second monarch with the longest reign in all of history.

Thus, the visit also became the opportunity for the queen to meet for the first time Lilibeth Diane, Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter, who since she was born, had not been seen in person by her great-grandmother.

The public presence of Harry and Meghan Markle during the trip, however, was limited and they only attended a couple of events, since a couple of years ago they officially left royalty and with it, his commitments and royal titles also, therefore, his main presence among the royal family.

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Prince Harry suffers serious accident while riding a horse