Prince William opens up about the great trauma caused by a child’s accident

The commitment of Prince Guillermo With mental health he is firm and always participates in acts that promote the visibility and awareness of this problem that he has experienced in the first person. The grandson of Elizabeth II, who is second in the line of succession to the British throne, has opened up about this matter on the podcast Time to walk of Apple, a 38-minute slot in which he has spoken openly about the traumas he has had beyond the tragic death of his mother, Diana of Wales, when she was only fifteen years old. For recounting one of the moments that have marked him, the Duke of Cambridge dates back to 2017, when he witnessed an accident that caused him great anguish since the victim was a child.


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In the aforementioned year, the Prince He was a pilot of an emergency helicopter, a role he was playing for a total of 18 months before resigning to assume more institutional functions. In one of the work days in the health sector, he went to a car accident in which the victim was Bobby Hughes, five years old, little more than his son, Prince George. The boy was playing with friends outside his residence in Saffron Walden, Essex, when he was hit by a driver. Acknowledge that Upon witnessing this harsh situation, he felt as if “the whole world was dying” and that something inside him changed. “It was as if someone had put a key in a lock and opened it without my giving permission to do so”, has explained.

After helping the victim and taking her to the hospital, she remembers that she went home badly and at that moment she was already aware that something inside her had changed forever. He continued with his work and attending emergencies, but weeks later he realized that he had taken the anguish over the Bobby case with him, generating a trauma that constantly made him wonder why he was so sad: “You just feel everyone’s pain, everyone’s suffering. And that’s not me. I’ve never felt that before. ” To recover from these mental health crises, the eldest son of Prince Charles believes that it was helpful to share his feelings with the rest of his companions and talk with the family of the child whose brain damage and other serious injuries were caused by the accident.


The Prince offered his help to the family and put at their disposal the means to help them. What’s more, Three weeks after the accident, she wrote them a letter showing her love and support as told by the child’s mother, Carly Hughes, to Mail on Sunday. In that message he told them that as a parent he could understand pain and reassured them by assuring them that their little one was in the best of hands, cared for by fantastic people at the hospital. “He is incredible. I have looked him in the eyes and, really, he has a kind heart. He is a charming, amazing man,” recalls Carly, who returned to see him a year later with her husband Jeff and their son at the headquarters of East Anglian Air Ambulance in Cambridge.

The nice discussions of their children

On the podcast, Prince William has also talked about other daily parts of his life such as how much he likes to walk, a hobby he shares with his grandmother and father. Too talks about the nice discussions that her two older children, George and Charlotte, have in the mornings over choosing which song they listen to and their nice reactions when the music starts playing. In this sense, he says that children like to listen to the Waka Waka by Shakira which was the anthem of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa won by the Spanish National Team. In addition, he explained that he puts them The bestby Tina Turner, because it brings back so much good memories. Not surprisingly, he explained that his mother used to sing it to him and his brother to relieve tension when they returned home after an intense day at school.

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Prince William opens up about the great trauma caused by a child’s accident